As my term as your President, we will be preparing for our Companion Meeting in Vancouver later this month. The 2017 USCAP companion meeting was a great success. I want to thank Robert Lorsbach and Michelle Paessler, as well as the excellent speakers, for putting on the program "An Update on Monocytic and Histiocytic Neoplasms and Disorders." The program nicely bridged both adult and pediatric disorders and was very well-received by the members. I also want to thank Lauren and Kyle for the 2017 SH-ASCP Companion Meeting entitled "B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders: What's new in diagnosis and classification" that was hero in Chicago. Again,

Rob Hasserjian, Frank Kuo and Olga Weinberg organized a bi-annual workshop in conjunction with the ASCP meeting in Chicago in September or 2017, entitled "Advances in Molecular Genetics or Hematopoietic Neoplasms." We had excellence attendance for this outstanding program and I would like to thank the organizers, speakers and the hundreds of participants for that workshop a success. We received very helpful feedback from the attendees about the venue and some organizational issues and the executive committee is working closely with ASCP to address and resolve these concerns.

Other Society Activities

SH is partnering with the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) and the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) for several initiatives. Working with the SH Education Committee, SH and AMP are producing a series of webinars on the updated WHO classification. These are available at AMP and SH members. The first webinar, "WHO 2016 Updates - B-Lymphoid Neoplasms (and How Practice is Changing)" was released in late February by Eric Hsi and moderated by Mark Ewalt. Please check the SH website for future release dates. Frank Kuo is presenting SH for an AMP Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) Utility for Assessment or T / B-cell Clonality Working Group and Magdalena Czader and Sa A series of flow cytometry review articles from SH and ICCS. The SH Education Committee, led by Lori Soma, has been extremely active with numerous initiatives in the works, including the AMP / SH webinars. They have organized an excellent agenda for the SH Program Directors Breakfast Meeting that will occur Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 7: 00-9: 30 am at PP Crystal Pavilion B or the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Many of their other committee initiatives will be summarized in more detail in that meeting.

The host for the society website, shared with the European Association for Haematopathology (EAHP), was changed to a new company in February or 2018. That transition was done efficiently and the website is unchanged. I want to thank Frank Kuo for all his efforts in maintaining the website and helping to coordinate this seamless transfer.   

Upcoming Meetings

The next workshop is being organized by the European Association for Haematopathology (EAHP) and will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from September 29-October 4 th . While the deadline for submissions for the bone marrow and lymphoma workshops has passed, the deadline for abstract submissions is not until May 1, 2018. Poster sessions are an element of the EAHP workshops that I would encourage our members to participate in this part of the program as well. There are numerous categories for abstract submissions. Please go to for more details about this meeting and the abstract categories.

David Czuchlewski is organizing the 2018 SH-ASCP Companion Meeting which will be titled “Talkin’ ‘bout my Next Generation: A Practical Guide to Gene Panel Testing in the Workup of AML and MDS”. This will take place at the ASCP annual meeting in Baltimore, MD on October 3, 2018.

Fiona Craig, Rebecca King, Kaaren Reichard and Lisa Rimza from the Mayo Clinic will organize the 2019 SH Workshop on the topic of “Eosinophilia and Mastocytosis.”  Look for more details for that meeting in the near future. 

Finally, Rob Hasserjian and Olga Weinberg are organizing this year's USCAP Companion Meeting, entitled "New and Updated Entities in the Revised WHO Classification." The meeting is on Sunday, March 18, 2018 from 1: 30-5: 00 pm at the Vancouver Convention Center West Ballroom C. They have an excellent group of speakers and they should be a very informative program. 

As in years, the Society will have its Annual Business Meeting and the Companion Meeting and we will provide more details on the Society's activities. Also do not forget that the Society's Annual Reception will follow the Business Meeting.

I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!