Case of the Quarter (COQ)

The Case of the Quarter (COQ) is designed to present interesting, timely topics to the Society for Hematopathology (SH) members by presentation and discussion of case studies. Each case is interactive and participation is Awarded 1 CME credit or SAM.

Selected Case Teaching from Past SH / EAHP Workshops 

Cases with high teaching value have been selected by members for workshop thesis collections

2011 UCLA Workshop : Cutaneous Lymphomas and Their Mimics, Los Angeles, CA.

2013 MD Anderson workshop : AML, MDS and ALL: Molecular Pathogenesis and Classification, Houston, TX

2015 Workshop : Immunodeficiency & Dysregulation, Long Beach, CA.


Expert Tutorial Videos 

Expert hematopathologists work through diagnosis (eg diagnosis ... How I) using whole scanned slides or other formats

Evaluation of B-ALL MRD by flow cytometry . Brent wood at the University of Washington.

plasma cell neoplasms  (PowerPoint download )  . Fiona E. Craig at Mayo Clinic Arizona ( Youtube Video )

von Willebrand Disease  Dr. ir . Daniel Sabath on von Willebrand disease.

Approach to Hematopoietic Disorders of the Spleen , by Dr. Jeffrey Fox, West Virginia University

Approach to lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma , by Dr. Michael Bayerl, Penn State

Approach to CD5-negative small B-cell lymphoma, by Dr. Adam Bagg , U Penn