April 2011

Dear Society Members,

It was great to see so many of you at our spring meeting in San Antonio. Here are a few highlights of recent and future Society activities.

Society Symposium at USCAP

The 2011 Scientific Symposium on Reactive and Abnormal Lymphoid Proliferations was chaired by Drs. Cherie Dunphy and Judy Ferry. The speakers included Dr. Stefania Pittaluga on ‘Viral associated lymphoid proliferations', Dr Amy Chadburn on ‘Immunodeficiency-associated lymphoid proliferations', Dr. Adam Bagg on ‘Therapy-associated lymphoid proliferations', Dr. Dennis O-Malley on ‘Lymphoid proliferations of unknown etiology', and Dr. Elias Campo on ‘Early lesions' including in-situ lymphomas. The session was highly informative with outstanding presentations, and we are grateful to the organizers and panel of expert speakers.

Annual Business Meeting at USCAP

Dr. Said and the society gave thanks for the services of outgoing officers and committee members. These included Dr. Bachir Alobeid, Chair of the Education Committee, Dr. Carlos Buesos-Ramos, Chair of the ASCP Program Committee, Dr. Robert Lorsbach, Chair of the Membership Committee, and Member at Large Attilio Orazi.

We also extended our Congratulations and Welcome to new Officers and Committee members which include Jim Cook (Member at Large), Eric Hsi and Geraldine Pinkus (Membership Committee), Vonda Douglas, Zeba Singh, Scott Rodig, and Eric Ranheim (Education Committee). Congratulations also to Yasodha Natkunam who will take over from Dr. Alobeid as Chair of the Education Committee.

Pathologist's-in-Training Award

Congratulations to Dr. Sertac Kip, who is the winner of this year's Pathologist's-in Training Award for her abstract entitled "Opposing effects of Vitamin D/Vitamin D receptor and interferon regulatory factor-4 in anaplastic large cell lymphoma", in collaboration with Drs. JC Porcher, JR Cerhan, SM Ansell, A Dogan, and A Feldman from the Mayo Clinic Rochester MN. In addition to receiving a check for $500 from the Society, a certificate will be presented to her at our next Symposium at the USCAP meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Awards Committee reviewed many excellent abstracts and we are grateful to Drs. Marsha Kinney, Dan Arber, and Magdalena Czader for their efforts. Thank you to the residents/fellows who participated in this program and also to the superb mentors for these trainees.

Education Committee

The Education Committee, chaired by Dr. Bachir Alobeid, sponsored the Fellowship Directors breakfast meeting on Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting.

The first speaker, Dr. Henry Rinder, chair of the ASCP National RISE committee, gave an update on the status of Fellow In-Service Hematopathology Examination (FISHE). In his presentation, Dr. Rinder acknowledged the contributions of our society to the development of FISHE, but emphasized the need for lots more and solicited individuals to contribute more questions. In response to this request Dr. Yaso Natkunam (incoming Chair of the Education Committee) has identified SH members willing to volunteer and collaborate with the ASCP in the ongoing development of the Fellow In-Service Hematopathology Examination (FISHE).

The other topic of discussion was the recent major revisions to the program requirements (PRs) for hematopathology fellowship training proposed by the ACGME Pathology Review Committee. Dr. Mark D. Brissette, a member and Vice Chair of the ACGME/ Pathology RRC, attended the meeting and addressed certain concerns raised by some program directors regarding the proposed revisions.

Finally, Dr. Donald S. Karcher, a member of the APC Fellowship Match Task Force, provided an update on the most recent developments in the pathology subspecialty fellowship application reform process and the proposed pathology subspecialty fellowship match. A proposed timeline for the match process was introduced.

In a communication following the meeting, Dr. Karcher indicated that the APC council met in San Antonio and voted unanimously to continue the process of preparing for a match, and that invitations will be sent to all pathology fellowship program directors (in all subspecialties) to participate in a pre-match survey. These invitations should come out sometime in mid to late March.

Case of the Quarter

Megan Lim is actively recruiting cases for Case of the Quarter. If you have an interesting case, please contact her for suitability and instructions at meganlim@umich.edu. A submission to Case of the Quarter is a great way to participate in the Society. We are exploring ways to obtain CME/SAMS credits for the case of the quarter.

Nominating Committee (Dr. LoAnn Peterson):

The Nominating Committee nominated Dr. Jim Cook for member-at-large for the Executive Committee. There were no additional nominations. The committee's nomination was unanimously approved by a vote of the Society members and we welcome Dr. Cook to the committee.

Bylaw Changes (Dr. Steven Swerdlow):

Two changes to the bylaws were voted on and approved by the membership. The first relates to having an annual financial review in place of a formal audit, which will reduce the administrative costs, and the second relates to streamlining the membership process.

Approved amended bylaw (Article VI): Section 3 - Financial Support: The Secretary/Treasurer's financial report will be subjected to a yearly review by the Executive Committee or its representatives. The Secretary/Treasurer shall present the report to the membership on the financial status of the Society for the past fiscal year after the balance sheets and statements have been reviewed.
Approved amended bylaw (Article II): Section 3 – Nomination, Election and Resignation: Candidates for full or associate membership must submit an application to the chair of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will transmit its recommendation quarterly via email to the general membership with a request of vote by return email within 14 days. Approval of new members is by simple majority of the membership vote. Any member in good standing of the European Association for Hematopathology (EAHP) shall be admitted in the Society for Hematopathology (SH) by providing to the Secretary/Treasurer proof of membership in the EAHP and by paying SH dues. Membership may be terminated by resignation in writing to the Executive Committee.

SH/EAHP Workshop, Fall 2011

The Workshop will be held at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey on October 27-29, 2011 on Cutaneous Lymphomas and their Mimics. Marina Del Rey is an attractive ocean side community within four miles of Los Angeles International Airport and easily accessible to museums, beaches, and other Los Angeles attractions including Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The organizers, Drs. Sophie Song, Jonathan Said, Scott Binder, and Stephen Lee are working hard on the workshop which will highlight overlapping features and diagnostic challenges of malignant vs. reactive lymphoid proliferations in the skin as well as various subtypes of cutaneous lymphomas. We have had a phenomenal response to the request for case submission to the workshop, and have more than 300 fabulous cases to review. We are grateful to all the submitters and hope to see as many members as possible in Los Angeles this fall.

The sessions to be covered in the upcoming workshop include: Session 1: Reactive Lymphoproliferations of the Skin Mimicking Cutaneous Lymphomas (chaired by Dr. Scott Binder and Dr. Rein Willemze); Session 2: Cutaneous B-cell Lymphomas (chaired by Dr. Steven Swerdlow and Dr. Marsha Kinney); Session 3: Non-mycosis Fungoides Cutaneous T-cell Lymphomas (chaired by Dr. Rein Willemze and Dr. Patty Jansen); Session 4: Mycosis Fungoides (chaired by Dr. Jonathan Said and Dr. Sophie Song); Session 5: Primary Cutaneous CD30+ Lymphoproliferative Disorders plus Other Lymphohistiocytic and Miscellaneous Lesions of the Skin (chaired by Dr. Leticia Quintanilla-Fend and Dr. Patty Jansen). The session chairs compose the scientific panel and will review the submitted cases on April 6 & 7 in Los Angeles. Additional invited speakers include Dan Arber, Jonathan Braun, Joan Guitart, Nancy Harris, Elaine Jaffe, and Marshall Kadin.


Membership (Dr. Robert Lorsbach):
Dr. Lorsbach presented the names of 16 individuals who have applied for full membership and 15 applicants for associate membership for the Society. The following new members were unanimously approved by the Society:

Full Members:
Daisy Alapat
Daniel Baiyee
Carrie Chenault
Deborah Fuchs
Loveleen Kang
Chandra Krishnan
Meredith Lakey
Mingling Liu
Antonio Maietta
Carol Marshall
Mark Miller
Michelle Powers
Kalpana Reddy
Roger Riley
Jianlan Sun
Metin Taskin

Associate Members:
Christopher Cogbill
Linda Dao
Brian Davis
Siraj El Jamal
Song Lu
Paul McGowan
Megan Nakashima
Raju Pillai
Marian Rollins-Raval
Joo Song
Vinghnesh Walavalkar
Kimberly Woodward
Xiaolin Wu
Jiehao Zhou
James Ziai

New members are the life blood of our Society and we encourage everyone to consider asking your trainees to join and participate in our activities.


Dr. Norman Levy continues to do an outstanding job on maintaining our website. Dr. Frank Chuan Kuo from Brigham and Woman's Hospital will assist Dr. Levy on the Communications Committee.

SH/ASCP Companion Meeting:

The 2010 ASCP Companion Meeting was held on October 27, 2010 in San Francisco and included the following topics and speakers: Bone Marrow Failure and Childhood Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Dr. Mihaela Onciu (St. Jude's Hospital); Diagnostic Workup of Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Dr. Carlos Buesos-Ramos (MD Anderson); Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Dr. Raymond Lai (Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta, Canada). Overall there were 87 attendees and the workshop received excellent ratings. The next workshop will be held in 2011 at the ASCP meeting in Las Vegas and will be organized by Dr. William Morice (Mayo Clinic).

EAHP Meeting and Workshop, Fall 2010 and next workshop Fall 2012:

The XVth EAHP Meeting was held in Uppsala, Sweden September 25 – 30, 2010 and was hosted by Christer Sundstrom. The bone marrow workshop on Unusual Acute Leukemias and Myelosarcomas and Early Signs of Transformation in MDS and MPD, Lymphoma Symposium with topics of "Frontiers in Diagnosing Lymphoma – Early Lesions, Molecular Pathogenesis" and "Target Therapy and Recent Advances in Hematopathology," as well as the EAHP Lymphoma workshop entitled, "Early Lesions in Lymphoid Neoplasia" were a great success. There 621 participants including 112 U.S. participants. The bone marrow workshop was particularly successful with 2/3 of the cases being submitted by U.S. participants. Approximately half of the cases submitted to the lymph node workshop were also from U.S. participants. The meeting was a great success and we congratulate Dr. Sundstrom and his staff on their achievement.

The next Fall EAHP and Joint EAHP/SH European Workshop will be held October 20 – 25, 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. The symposium topic will be Peripheral T- and NK-cell Lymphomas and Their Mimics; taking a step forward. This workshop will include a wide variety of peripheral T-cell and NK-cell lymphomas with the exclusion of mycosis fungoides and CD30+ cutaneous malignancies (that will be covered in the upcoming Los Angeles workshop). This topic will be covered in both nodal and bone marrow workshops. The suggested topics for this workshop are:
  • TFH-related proliferations. Defining the borders of AITL
  • The spectrum of PTCL and its borders with ALK-ALCL
  • The spectrum of cytotoxic T-cell lymphomas, including g/d T-cell lymphomas
  • Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (excluding MF and CD30+ proliferations)
Case submission is set for January 29, 2012 with abstracts for the symposium to be submitted by May 15, 2012. Further details about the specific topics and cases to be submitted will be posted on the Society website shortly.

Society for Hematopathology Officers 2011

President: Jonathan Said MD ('10-'12)
Past President - LoAnn Peterson, MD ('10-'12)
Vice-President/President Elect Marsha Kinney MD ('10-'12)
Secretary-Treasurer - Sherrie Perkins, MD ('10-'12)
Members-at-Large - Leticia Quintanilla-Fend, MD ('07-'12)
Nancy Rosenthal, MD ('08-'12)
Robert Hasserjian ('09-'13)
Magdalena Czader MD ('10-'14)
Dan Arber MD ('10-'14)
Jim Cook MD ('11-'15)
EAHP Representative - Leticia Quintanilla-Fend ('07-12)
Case of the Quarter - Megan Lim, MD ('10-'12)
Constitution & Bylaws - Steven Swerdlow, M.D. ('09-'13)
Communications - Norman Levy, MD (Chair)
Frank Chuan Kuo MD
Membership - Geraldine Pinkus MD (11-14) (Chair)
Yi-Hua Chen MD ('09-'12)
Eric Hsi MD (11-14)
Nominating Committee - Roger Warnke, MD ('08-'14) (Chair)
Steven Swerdlow, MD ('06-'12)
LoAnn Peterson, MD ('10-'16)
Program - ASCP - William Morice, MD, PhD ('09-'12)(Chair)
Mihaela Onciu MD (‘10-12)
Education Committee - Yasodha Natkunam, M.D. ('11-'13)(Chair)
Vonda K. Douglas MD ('10-'12)
Zeba Singh MD ('10-'12)
Scott J. Rodig MD PhD ('10-'12)
Erik Ranheim MD PhD ('11-'13)
SH Scientific Symposium-USCAP-2012 - Dan Arber MD and Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson MD.
SH/EAHP Workshop - 2011- Sophie Song, Jonathan Said, Scott Binder and Stephen Lee MD

Thanks to all Society members who participate in and volunteer for the Society.  Your active involvement is what makes the Society so successful.

All the best,

Jonathan Said