Society for Hematopathology Newsletter, Autumn 2003

Membership dues statement ; some new features and benefits are added
Yes, it is time to pay dues again. Although the dues remain the same, there are some new features and benefits. The dues statement for 2004 has some important information regarding the on-line membership directory. This directory is linked to our website ( Your membership number, printed on the dues statement, is your initial password to access the directory. After log-on, you can change your password if you wish, and update your own information on the directory. You will also be able to find contact information for other SH members. The directory includes the name, address, phone, fax, and email that you have provided to the Society. The SH will not permit printing the entire membership directory in order to prevent undesired usage. Should you not wish to be included in the on-line directory, contact Ms. Carolyn Lane at the SH office (see dues statement) and she will remove your name.

Case of the Quarter – Important changes, including on the Website at no charge
First – many thanks to Dom Pantalony, who has edited the C/Q for the past two years. The cases have all been on time, and have been of excellent quality. Dom is now passing the baton for this SH function to Karen Chang at City of Hope. Although she has already lined up some cases for the coming year, she would still like to hear from anyone with a good case to submit. By early 2004, the C/Q will be free to all on the website. Each C/Q will be prepared for the website by a professional webmaster, and posted on the website for all who wish to access them. Kodachrome reproductions will no longer be mailed.

The 2003 SH/EAHP Joint Workshop in Memphis, “Congenital, Reactive and Neoplastic Disorders in Pediatric Hematopathology”, was an outstanding workshop that included a wide range of cases, from acute leukemias to rare congenital diseases. A summation of the workshop will appear in a future edition of “Patterns”, to be published by the American Journal of Clinical Pathology. Robert Lorsbach, Jim Downing and their colleagues and staff at St. Judes are to be congratulated for organizing this excellent learning experience.

The SH ASCP Companion Meeting, held Sept. 17, in New Orleans, also received great reviews by the attendees. E. Hsi and S.Kroft moderated the meeting, which included discussions by W.Finn on CLL, J.Downing on gene expression analysis of acute leukemia, Paul Kurtin on marginal zone lymphoma and MLT translocation, and LoAnn Peterson on the effect of imatinib mesylate on bone marrow morphology.

The theme of Pediatric Hematopathology will be continued at the SH Scientific Symposium at the USCAP meeting in Vancouver, on Sunday, March 7, 2004. Michael Borowitz and Jim Downing will moderate the session. Speakers and their topics include R. Jaffe, “Histiocytoses”; P. Emanuel, “Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia”; J. Downing, “Molecular Pathology of Pediatric Acute Leukemia”; M. Borowitz, “Minimal Residual Disease in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia”; S. Perkins, “Pediatric Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas”; S. Poppema, “Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome”. For those who could not attend the Memphis meeting, this symposium promises to offer a synopsis of important advances in pediatric hematopathology in a single afternoon session.

Thessaloniki, Greece, is the site of the XII Meeting of the EAHP/SH Joint Workshop , September 26-October 1, 2004. The main themes will be “Integration of molecular genetics into hematopathology” and “Extranodal lymphomas”. A two day EAHP Bone Marrow Symposium, consisting of scientific sessions and slide workshops, will be held Sept 26- 27 preceding the Lymphoma Symposium. Thessaloniki is located on the Thermaikos Gulf, and this workshop will offer the opportunity to combine hematopathology with some extraordinary sight seeing. Arrangements are being made for observance of Yom Kippur on Sept 25 for those who will be in Greece on that day. We will notify you of the arrangements via the SH listserve.

Call for Proposals for SH/EAHP Workshop, 2005
Despite the fact that the Memphis SH/EAHP workshop has just concluded, it is time to plan the SH/EAHP workshop for autumn, 2005. The workshop is an excellent opportunity to bring together members of the Society to discuss new ideas and findings regarding issues that we deal with in our practice of hematopathology. For members who work in an institution with an active continuing medical education office, I would urge you to consider making a proposal. Visit the website,, read the detailed guidelines, which serve as a roadmap for making and implementing your proposal, and then complete the workshop proposal form, also found on the website. Please submit to me via email no later than Jan 15. All proposals will be reviewed by members of the Executive Committee. Those submitting proposals will likely be asked, if possible, to attend the Executive Committee meeting on Saturday, March 6, in Vancouver.

PIT award
The Hematopathology Pathologist-in-Training Award is given each year to a fellow, resident or medical student who presents an outstanding paper related to hematopathology at the annual USCAP meeting. Papers are judged by a committee comprised of members of the SH Executive Committee, and scored for scientific approach, significance, and presentation. Each winner receives a $500.00 prize. To nominate a trainee, please visit the website,, to check the eligibility requirements, and complete the nomination form. Fax the form to the SH office, 706-733-8033, no later than February 4, 2004 . Trainees with posters accepted for the Stowell-Orbison competition in the Hematopathology category are automatically nominated, and need not submit an additional application.

The major work of the SH is carried out by a number of committees that are listed below. Each member has volunteered their time to help the SH meet its objectives. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please let me know. To each committee member, thanks.

Executive Committee
J. Vardiman, Pres (02-04)
S. Swerdlow, Vice Pres (02-04)
L. Peterson, Sec/Tres (02-04)
K. Foucar, Past Pres (02-04)
J. (Wing) Chan (02-06)
J. Ferry (02-06)
C. Kjeldsberg (01-05)
N. Levy (00-04)
R. Coupland 03-07
E. Campo (03-07)

Case of the Quarter
D. Pantalony (01-03)
K. Chang (03-05)

N. Levy (NLOT)

Constitution and By-Laws
J. (Wing) Chan (00-04)

S. Abbondonza (00-04)
D. Arber (01-05)
C. Dunphy (02-06)
Nominating Committee
K. Foucar (02-08)
N. Harris (00-06)
P. Banks (98-04)

ASCP Program Committee
E. Hsi (01-03)
S. Kroft (02-05)
W. Finn (03-06)

Education Committee
K. Foucar (02-04)
S. Perkins (02-04)
P. Kurtin (02-04)
M. Borowitz (02-04)
R. Brynes (02-04)

USCAP Program Organizers/Moderators
J. Said (03)
E. Hsi (03)
M. Borowitz (04)
J. Downing (04)

Have a happy and safe Holiday Season – Jim Vardiman