Fall, 2005

We've had a busy fall and before we know it, we'll be visiting again in Atlanta at the USCAP. Many Society members have invested a lot of time on varied activities. In addition to everyone's hard work and emotional support, we do also require your financial support. Dues notices are included in this mailing. Please return them promptly. Thanks to all for everything.

"T for Texas"
The T in Texas must stand for terrific! The SH/EAHP/MD Anderson Slide Workshop on "Progress in T-Cell and NK-cell Malignancies" held October 20-22, 2005 was a major success. Nearly 300 registrants were treated to stimulating scientific sessions and case discussions as well as high class social events, not to mention the superb food. Drs. L. J. Medeiros, D. Jones and C. Bueos-Ramos deserve our very hearty thanks for the immense amount of work they put into this. Thanks also to the other panel members (Drs. N.L. Harris, M. Kinney, P. Gaulard, H.K. Muller-Hermelink) and to all of the presenters and other participants. We can all look forward to the conference proceedings that will appear in Pathology Patterns more details to follow.

Thank You
A big thank you to the organizers and speakers for the SH ASCP Companion Meeting, which took place on October 7, 2005, in Seattle, Washington: Drs. W. Finn, F. Craig, B. Nelson, A. Bagg, and E. Remstein. The program focused on advances related to ancillary diagnostic techniques. The 62 registrants were treated to a very educational afternoon. Dr. Craig with Dr. Nelson and her new committee member, Dr. P. Auon are already thinking about next year's programs. You can bet it will be a big success (it's in Las Vegas).

Pathologist-in-training Award at Annual USCAP Meeting, 2006
The Hematopathology Pathologist-in-Training Award is given each year to a fellow, resident or medical student who presents an outstanding paper related to hematopathology at the annual USCAP meeting. Previous winners are not eligible. Papers are judged by a committee comprised of members of the SH Executive Committee and scored for scientific approach, significance and presentation. All nominees with posters must be at their posters during the official poster sessions so they can discuss their work with the judges in order to be eligible for the award. Each winner receives a $500.00 prize. To nominate a trainee, please visit the website, socforheme.org to check the eligibility requirements and complete the nomination form. Fax the form to the SH office at 706-733-8033 no later than Friday, January 13, 2006. Trainees with posters accepted for the Stowell-Orbison competition in the Hematopathology category are automatically nominated and need not submit an additional application.

Education Committee Update

  • Thanks to Dr. S. Pittaluga, who agreed to complete Dr. E. Jaffe's term on the Education Committee. We are grateful to Dr. Jaffe for her dedication and service to the committee and look forward to Dr. Pittaluga's active participation on this committee.

  • Dr. Barbara McKenna, Chair of the ASCP Commission on Assessment which oversees the RISE Committee, has agreed to speak about objective testing in pathology education at the Fellowship Directors' Breakfast Meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2006 at the 95th Annual USCAP Meeting to be held in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a possible way to start developing a collaborative testing tool. The tentative agenda will also include a report on the committee's objective testing survey that was sent out to fellowship directors and a report on the committee's curriculum project.

  • Dr. S. Perkins, busily working with the other members of her Education Committee, reports that progress has been made on the written core curriculum for hematopathology fellowships.

Society for Hematopathology Workshop Proposals for 2007
Another reminder that the Society for Hematopathology Workshop Proposals for 2007 must be submitted by January 15, 2006. The guidelines and proposal form are posted on our website at http://www.socforheme.org/. We look forward to hearing from you.

Maintenance of Certification
For those of you thinking towards the future, I thought I would share with you a request which the Society received from the American Board of Pathology. At the suggestion of Dr. Fred Silva of the USCAP, the American Board of Pathology has sent a request to the "organ-specific" societies that have companion meetings together with the USCAP asking for specific input with regards to topics that "represent (1) advancements important to a broad conceptual understanding of principles of pathobiology; and/or (2) critical elements related to accurate diagnosis of disorders important to patient health." If anyone has specific suggestions as to possible topics that should be listed for the Hematology sections, please forward them to me via e-mail at swerdlowsh@upmc.edu. As indicated by the ABP, please remember that the vast majority of pathologists who will be participating in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) will be in community practice and the assessment should be based accordingly.

Only about three months until the Society for Hematopathology Scientific Symposium / Sunday USCAP Companion Meeting entitled "Unraveling the Mysteries of Cutaneous Lymphoid Infiltrates , " February 12, 2006.

Lawrence Weiss and Lyn M. Duncan will be co-moderating the session that will include 6 talks as follows:

  1. Mycosis fungoides and variants Jennifer McNiff

  2. CD30+ lymphoproliferative disorders Marsha Kinney

  3. Other cutaneous T, NK, and precursor lymphomas Dan Jones

  4. Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Lyn Duncan

  5. Secondary lymphomas of the skin Dan Arber

  6. Benign mimics of cutaneous lymphomas Martin C. Mihm, Jr.
Hope to see all of you there. Bring your dermatopathology friends.

Other Upcoming Meetings:

  • The European Society for Haematopathology 2006 Meeting and EAHP/SH Slide Workshop are scheduled to take place from October 6-13, 2006 in Vienna, hosted by Dr. Andreas Chott. The major topic for the meeting will be small B-cell proliferations including plasmacytomas.

Best wishes to all,