November 2009

Dear Society Members,
It was great to see so many of you at the Society Workshop in Cleveland.  This newsletter contains a summary of recent and upcoming events.

SH Scientific Symposium at the USCAP Meeting in Washington, D.C., March 21, 2010
The symposium this year, entitled "Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Plasma Cell Neoplasms" has been organized by Rob McKenna and Bob Lorsbach. This topic has been indentified in member surveys as being one of great interest and need. The organizers have compiled an outstanding group of speakers and the program is as follows:

1:30—1:40 "Introduction"
Robert B. Lorsbach, MD, PhD
1:40—2:20 "Genetic events in the pathogenesis of plasma cell myeloma"
Michael Kuehl, M.D.
2:20—3:00 "Molecular classification of plasma cell myeloma"
John Shaughnessy, PhD
3:30—4:00 "Role of flow cytometry in myeloma, new diagnosis and MRD"
Steven H Kroft, MD
4:00—4:30 "What's new for the treatment of multiple myeloma and related disorders in 2010?"
Angela Dispenzieri, MD
4:30—5:00 Panel Discussion
All presenters and moderators with audience participation

More information can be found on the USCAP website.

Pathologist-in-Training Award at the 2010 USCAP Meeting in Washington D.C.
The Society for Hematopathology Pathologist-in Training Award is given each year to a fellow, resident or medical student who presents an outstanding paper (poster or platform) related to hematopathology at the annual USCAP meeting. Previous winners are not eligible for this award. Papers are judged by a committee comprised of members of the SH Executive Committee and scored for scientific approach, significance and presentation. To be eligible for the award, all nominees with posters must be at their posters during the official poster sessions so that they can discuss their work with the judges. Each winner receives a $500 prize. Trainees with posters accepted for the Stowell-Orbison competition in the Hematopathology category are automatically nominated and do not need to submit an application. To nominate other trainees, please visit the website ( to check the eligibility requirements and complete the nomination form. The application form should be FAXed to the SH office at 706-733-8033 no later than February 1, 2009.

Education Committee and Director’s Breakfast Meeting at the next USCAP Meeting in Washington, D.C., Sunday, March 21, 2010
The Education Committee, chaired by Kaari Reichard, has planned an excellent program for this upcoming USCAP Fellowship Director's meeting (shown below). Presentations by each speaker will be followed by time for question and answers.

7:30-8:00am: Breakfast
8:00-8:15am: "Update on Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and SAM’s" by Bachir Alobeid
8:15-8:30am: "Update on the FISHE Exam" by John Anastasi
8:30: Open Discussion

Please encourage your Hematopathology fellows to become members of the Society. The deadline for receipt of membership applications to be considered this year is December 31, 2009. Application forms are on the SH website.

Meeting of the SH/EAHP Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio, September, 2009
The workshop held in Cleveland, Ohio was a huge success. There were over 311 attendees with over 40 from countries other than U.S. and Canada. The theme of the workshop was the spectrum of immunoproliferative disorders and the border between plasma cell neoplasms and B-cell lymphomas. Thanks to Eric Hsi and Jim Cook and their colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic; to the faculty, Elias Campo, Ahmet Dogan, Falko Fend, Rafael Fonseca, Randy Gascoyne, Pei Lin, Robert Lorsbach, Thierry Jo Molina, Steve Swerdlow, and Steven P. Treon; and to all of you who submitted and/or presented cases. An impressive amount of educational material including the cases, lectures, and summaries from this workshop can be found on the Society website.

SH/EAHP Workshop Proposals for 2011
Members are encouraged to submit proposals for the 2011 workshop. Workshop guidelines are provided on our website and applications are due January 15, 2010. A final decision will be made following the next USCAP meeting. In an effort to suggest topics and potential members for consultation, I have placed the list of previous workshop sites and topics on the Society website with the workshop guidelines.

15th Meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology (EAHP), Uppsala, Sweden, September 25-30, 2010
The next meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology will be held in Uppsala, Sweden, September 25-30, 2010. Chester Sundström is chairman of the local organizing committee. The program will include an EAHP educational session on the topic "Benign or Malignant", a Symposium by the European Bone Marrow Working Group (EBMWG) entitled "From molecular and histopathological bone marrow studies to therapy", and an EBMWG Workshop addressing "Unusual acute leukemias and myelosarcomas and early signs of transformation in MDS and MPD". The EAHP Lymphoma Symposium is entitled "Frontiers in diagnosing lymphoma – early lesions, molecular pathogenesis and targeted therapy" and "Recent advances in haematopathology". The title of the EAHP Lymphoma Workshop is "Early lesions in lymphoid neoplasia". The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 30, 2010 and the deadline for submission of cases for the workshops is January 31, 2010. More details can be found on the Society website.

SH/ASCP Companion Meetings
The SH/ASCP companion meeting in September in Chicago, moderated by Jim Cook and Carlos Bueso -Ramos, was a great success with 95 pathologists attending. The meeting featured updates in hematopathology with a lecture by Jim Cook on marginal zone lymphoma, a presentation by Bill Morice on large granular lymphocyte disorders, and a lecture by Pei Lin on plasma cell myeloma. Jim Cook has just completed his term on the ASCP Companion Meeting Committee. Thanks to Jim for his excellent leadership and work on this committee. The committee, now chaired by Carlos Bueso-Ramos, is already planning the 2010 ASCP companion meeting in San Francisco. The details of that program will be available shortly on the Society website and at the upcoming USCAP meeting.

I am happy to report that the Society has been re-classified as a 501c3 non-profit organization. We were previously classified as 501c6 which is a category more for trade organizations. This change has taken a long time to achieve but we are happy that it has finally occurred. The practical implications of this are that Society dues are now tax deductable and it will be easier for the Society, if it chooses, to receive donations for education programs from companies.

A reminder – dues notice have been sent by e-mail and dues can be paid by going to the Society website. Notices are no longer sent by mail.

Another note – membership applications are due this year December 31, 2009. Application forms are on the SH website.

Thanks to all of you who are actively involved in this Society and contribute to it in so many ways. I look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.

LoAnn Peterson