February 14, 2000

Dear Society Members:

Happy Valentines' day! As we greet the new millennium (whether you think it started Jan 1, 2000 or will start in 2001), there are many interesting developments in the world of Hematopathology, and in our Society. The publication this year of two papers, one in Science last Fall (Golub et al, Science 286:531-7, 1999) and one in Nature this month (Allzadeh et al, Nature 403:503-11, 2000), using the new "gene chip" technology to classify leukemias and lymphomas suggests that the new millennium may bring with it a lot more than a bunch of zeros.

The Pathologist-in-Training Award

The USCAP meeting will feature a great many interesting abstracts in the area of Hematopathology, both platform and poster presentations. Among them are many excellent studies by residents and fellows. Please enter your trainees for the Pathologist-inTraining Award for 2000. The presentations may be either poster or platform, and may be registered for other award competitions. This is a great way to get trainees interested in and introduced to the Society. An application for a platform presentation (poster not required) is enclosed, and more may be obtained from Sue Berard.

Past Meetings

  1. The ASCP Companion Meeting on Friday, September 24, 1999 in New Orleans, organized by LoAnn Peterson and Diane Farhi, attracted an attentive audience and received very favorable reviews. The speakers were Judith Ferry (Extranodal lymphomas), Curt Hanson (Peripheral T-cell lymphomas in bone marrow), Rob McKenna (LGL/NK lymphoproliferative disorders) and Tim Greiner (Molecular consultation: PCR in the diagnosis of lymphoma).

  2. The 2nd Joint Meeting with the SH and EAHP took place in Barcelona, September 17 and 18, 1999, organized by Elias Campo. The meeting was truly outstanding and was well attended by both SH and EAHP members. The discussions were lively and productive, and we all gained an improved understanding of the complexity of lymphoma transformations. A meeting report is in preparation under the leadership of Elias Campo, and will be submitted for publication.

Workshop and Symposium reminders:

  1. EAHP Workshop, the "Millennium Conference": London, May 8-11, 2000. All members interested in attending should have registered and submitted cases by now. The meeting and workshop will focus on the B-cell follicle; with all the new developments in the biology and genetics of follicle center B cells and the multiplicity of lymphoid neoplasms that derive from these cells, it promises to be a very exciting event.

  2. SH Workshop, 2001: The next SH workshop, to be held in the Fall of 2001, will be hosted by Dr. Marshall Kadin and colleagues at the Beth Israel-Deaconness Medical Center, Boston. The workshop will focus on new technologies and their usefulness (and pitfalls) in the diagnosis and classification of hematologic malignancies. In this era of exploding technologies, this should provide a useful update for both academic and community practitioners of hematopathology.

  3. SH Symposium, 2000: Drs. Kathy Foucar and Tom Grogan have organized an symposium on histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms, which will be held Sunday, March 26, 2000, at the New Orleans Hilton from 1:30-5:00 PM. The speakers will be Elaine Jaffe, Larry Weiss, Tom Grogan, Ronald Jaffe, Roger Warnke, and Diane Farhi.

Joint membership with EAHP

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the Executive Committees of the SH and EAHP have been discussing ways of more closely affifiating the two societies. A proposal was approved by the Executive Committees of both societies, and has been incorporated into our Bylaws. We will need to vote on this at the 2000 business meeting. Copies of the modified bylaws are included for your perusal.

Cases of the Quarter

Members with cases of interest, should contaet Dr. Eric Hsi directly at the Cleveland Cnic Foundation, Department of Clinical Pathology, 9500 Eucfid Avenue, #LI 1, Cleveland, OH 44195-0002; e-mafl: hsie@cesmtp@ccforg.

The WHO Classification

The report of the Clinical Advisory Committee meeting, which was held in the Fall of 1997, has finally been published simultaneously in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Oncology, The European Joumal of Hematology, and Histopathology. It should appear in the February issue of Modem Pathology. The complete text of the article is available on the Society for Hematopathology website, which can be accessed at www.Dartmouth.edu/~nlevy/wwwx.html.

Work continues with renewed vigor on the final WHO bluebook. Committee Chairs were asked to hand in final versions of descriptions in December, and the Steering Committee wl perform the final editing. We hope to have the book out in time for what some believe is the "real" new millennium, in 2001.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the USCAP meeting in New Orleans and at our Symposium on March 26.

With best wishes,

Yours truly,

Nancy L. Harris, M.D.