January, 1997

Saturday, March 1st Symposium Precedes USCAP

In the annual cycle of academic events we have all programmed ourselves to anticipate a Sunday start for the panoply of USCAP-related offerings. This year however, will be special for hematopathologists. Activities will commence with a firstever scientific symposium jointly sponsored and organized by the European Association of Haematopathologists and our own Society for Hematopathology. Please note the preregistration form enclosed in this quarterly mailing (one is also enclosed in the USCAP meeting registration packet).

Sunday, March 2nd Scientific Svmposium

For the time-honored Sunday afternoon symposium advantage will be taken of our European colleagues' presence, to disclose and discuss the long-anticipated World Health Organization Classification of Hematolymphoid Neoplasms. Abstracts have already appeared in this month's American Journal of Surgical Pathology, and in addition enclosed in this mailing is a listing of the proposed entities for your perusal. An optional open forun for further discussing these entities will be held Sunday evening at a time and place to be announced at the symposium.

Proposed Constitutional and By-Laws Changes

It is critical that members review the changes proposed for the Society's constitution and by-laws, which are demonstrated by comparisons of current and proposed wordings (copies enclosed in this mailing). A vote of the membership on these changes will be called for during the annual business meeting which immediately follows the March 2nd Sunday afternoon symposium. There are four categories of change proposed, each to be addressed by a separate vote.

  1. Expansion of the number of members-at-large sitting on the Executive Committee from 4 to 6.
  2. Modifying usage in the constitution and by-laws to gender-neutral wording.
  3. Correction of a misplaced preposition in one line of the by-laws.
  4. Clarifcation that the Nominating Committee reports to and proposes nominations to the membership (and not to the Executive Committee).

Participation in the Society's Website

Norman Levy has developed a World Wide Web (WWW) site and an automated mailing list -Hemato-L- for your participation. The WWW site location (URL) is:


The website currently contains among its resources an online membership directory, with linked (known) E-mail addresses, reproductions of the Society's Cases of the Quarter, meeting announcements and syllabi, as well as linked pathology/hematopathology resources on the WWW.

The mailing list can be joined by sending an E mail message to:


The body of the message should read:

Subscribe hemato-L (your name as you want it displayed in the membership list).

You will receive an automated reply that accepts your membership, and provides basic information on the use of the listserv. The listserv allows E-mail communications/queries to the entire listserv membership, or to selected members, and complements the more graphically oriented Website. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these new resources, contact Norman Levy at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH 03756, Norman.Levy@Hitchcock.org.

Pathologist-in-Training Award Applications

It is still not too late to register a trainee's platform or poster presentation for consideration for the Society's annual award competition. Forms were included in the past quarterly mailing, or if more are needed you can contact Sue Berard.

Peter Banks