June 2010

Dear Society Members,

It was great to see so many of you at our spring meeting in Washington DC. Here are a few highlights of recent and future Society activities.

Society Symposium at USCAP

The recent symposium in Washington on Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Plasma Cell Neoplasms was hosted by Drs. Robert W. McKenna and Robert B. Lorsbach. The speakers included Dr. Micael Kuehl on Genetic Events in the Pathogenesis of Plasma Cell Myeloma, Dr. John Shaugnessy on the Molecular Classification of Plasma Cell Myeloma, Dr. Steven Kroft on the Role of Flow Cytometry in Myeloma, New Diagnosis and MRD, and Dr. Angela Dispenzieri on What's new for the Treatment of Multple Myeloma and Related Disorders in 2010? The session was highly informative with outstanding presentations, and we are grateful the organizers and panel of expert speakers.

Annual Business Meeting at USCAP

At the start of the Annual Business Meeting the society paused to pay tribute to the memory of Sue Berard whose dedicated administrative support was invaluable to the Society and recognized family members who joined the audience.

Dr. Petersen and the society gave thanks for the services of outgoing officers and committee members. These included four members of the Education Committee (John Anastasi, Patricia Aoun, Megan Lim, and Kaari Reichard), Jim Cook (ASCP Program Committee), Ahmet Dogan (Membership Committee), Cherie Dunphy (Case of the Quarter), and Jim Vardiman (Nominations Committee). Dr. Peterson also thanked and presented certificates to Will Finn and Dan Jones (Executive Committee Members-at Large), Roger Warnke (Executive Committee Past President), Jonathan Said (Executive Committee, Vice-President/President-Elect), Marhsa Kinney (Executive Committee, Secretary-Treasurer), and John Vardiman (Constitution and By- laws Committee). We also extended our Congratulations and Welcome to the new Officers and Committee members which include Dr. Marsha Kinney (Vice-President/President-Elect, Sherrie Perkins (Secretary- Treasurer) and Magdalena Czader and Dan Arber (Members-at-Large Executive Committee), Megan Lim (Case of the Quarter), Robert Lorsbach (Chair Membership Committee), and Jonathan Said (President).

Pathologist's-in-Training Award

Congratulations to Dr. Sara Gibson who is the winner of this year's Pathologist's-in Training Award for her abstract entitled "Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Array (SNP-A) Analysis of EBV+ and EBV- Monomorphic B-cell Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders (M-B-PTLD). This work was done as a Fellow in Hematopathology in collaboration with Dr. MA Nalesnik, BP Nelson, AM Evans, and SH Swerdlow at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. In addition to receiving a check for $500 from the Society, a certificate will be presented to her at our next Symposium at the USCAP meeting in San Antonio Texas. The Awards Committee (Attilio Orazi, Robert Hasserjian, and Jonathan Said) reviewed many excellent abstracts. Thank you to the residents/fellows who participated in this program and also to the superb mentors for these trainees.

Education Committee

The Education Committee, chaired by Dr. Kaaren Reichard, sponsored the Fellowship Director breakfast on Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting. There was a huge turnout with standing room only. The first speaker, Drs. James Crawford, past-president of the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC), spoke on the hotly debated topic of a possible Match for Hematopathology fellowship programs. The other topic of discussion was SAM's credits, and Dr. Bachir Alobeid working with Norm Levy provided a list of SAMs credits on the SH web site to facilitate re-credentialing activity for individuals completing training in 2006 and later. Dr. John Anastasi updated program directors on the ASCP In Service Hematopathology Examination (FISHE) and solicited individuals to contribute questions.

Dr. Alobeid provided an update on Pathology Subspecialty Fellowship Application Reform. The Association of Pathology Chairs (APC) Council has recently proposed and moved to implement a pathology subspecialty fellowship matching program which spurred a rather spirited to heated debate over this issue among program directors. Following discussion at the fellowship program directors meeting at the USCAP in Washington DC,, the APC Council (as of May 09, 2010) reaffirmed its resolve to pursue the goal of a Fellowship Match program, targeting the July 2013 matriculation date for implementing a match program. The Hematopathology Fellowship Program Directors, so far, showed lack of enthusiasm for the Match, and discussions over this important issue will most likely continue over the next year. The educational committee will continue its involvement in the "Pathology Subspecialty Fellowship Application Reform" process and discussions so that the best decisions can be made.

Case of the Quarter

Megan Lim has taken over from Cherie Dunphy, and is actively recruiting cases for Case of the Quarter. If you have an interesting case, please contact her for suitability and instructions at meganlim@umich.edu. A submission to Case of the Quarter is a great way to participate in the Society.

SH/EAHP Workshop, Fall 2011

The Workshop will be held at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey on October 27-29, 2011 on Cutaneous Lymphomas and their Mimics. Marina Del Rey is an attractive ocean side community within four miles of Los Angeles International Airport and easily accessible to museums, beaches, and other Los Angeles attractions including Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The organizers, Drs. Sophie Song, Jonathan Said, Scott Binder, and Stephen Lee are working hard on the workshop which will highlight overlapping features and diagnostic challenges of malignant vs. reactive lymphoid proliferations in the skin as well as various subtypes of cutaneous lymphomas.


Dr. Lorsbach presented the names of 23 individuals who have applied for full membership and 16 for associate membership. The following new members were unanimously approved by the Society and were welcomed into the society:

Full Members:
David Bosler
Julia Diacovo
Yvette Dzurik
Sandeep Gurbuxani
Annette Kim
Nicky Leeborg
Ronald Linfesty
Michael Miller
Mohtashim Naeem
Sanjai Nagendra
James Newell
Olga Pozdnyakova
Adam Seegmiller
Mohammad-Reza Sheikholeslami
Kenneth Spengel
Wozhan Tang
Endi Wang
Nicholas Wongchaowart
Zhao Wu
Qingmei Xie
Cameron Yin
Changjun Yue
Kai Zhang
Kenneth Spengel
Wozhan Tang

Associate Members:
Charles Bruker
Gabriel Caponetti
James Edinger
Kristina Fasig
Sarah Gibson
Wesley Greaves
Brett Mahon
Paul Meyer
Arash Mohtashamian
Melissa Myrsiades
Jacqueline Nguyen
Samia Rizk
Jennifer Rushton
Stephanie Schniederjan
Christine Sillings
Linsheng Zhang


Dr. Norman. Levy reported that the were no updates to the SH and EAHP shared web site.

SH/ASCP Companion Meeting:

The 2009 ASCP companion meeting "Practical Update in Hematopathology" was held October 25, 200 9 in Chicago, IL. Moderators were Drs. Jim Cook and Carlos Buesos-Ramos and speakers and their topics included Dr. Jim Cook, The Cleveland Clinic, "Marginal Zone Lymphoma"; Pei Lin, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, "Plasma Cell Myeloma and Its Differential Diagnosis"; Bill Morice, Mayo Clinic, "Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia, Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow Manifestations". Ninety-four people (an increase from 79 in 2008) attended the session, and evaluations were very favorable with an overall average score of 4.2 out of 5.0 based on 57 evaluations. We offer kudos and thanks to the organizers and speakers for an outstanding and informative program.

The next ASCP Companion Meeting will be October 27, 2010 in San Francisco with the following topics and speakers: "Bone Marrow Failure and Childhood Myelodysplastic Syndromes", Dr. Mihaela Onciu (St. Jude); "Diagnostic Workup of Myelodysplastic Syndromes", Dr. Carlos Bueso-Ramos (MD Anderson); "Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma", Dr. Raymond Lai (Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta, Canada).

EAHP Meeting and Workshop, Fall 2010:

XVth EAHP Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, September 25-30, 2010: The topic will be "Frontiers in Diagnosing Lymphoma--Early Lesions, Molecular Pathogenesis and Targeted Therapy." Abstracts concerning lymphoma in situ, refractory celiac disease, clonal and monotypic atypical hyperplasias, and targeted therapy are invited. The Lymphoma Workshop topic is "Early Lesions in Lymphoid Neoplasia". The types of cases that would be welcomed include mantle cell lymphoma in situ, follicular lymphoma in situ, early lesions in angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, etc. The Bone Marrow Symposium topic is "From Molecular and Histopathological Bone Marrow Studies to Therapy". The 2 topics for the Bone Marrow Workshop are "Unusual Acute Leukemias and Myelosarcomas" and "Early Signs of Transformation in MDS and MPD". The train from Stockholm to Uppsala leaves from the airport and takes about 20 minutes making the workshop a convenient travel destination. The meeting will be held in the New Congress House and is hosted by Dr. Christer Sundström. The Workshop Panel members include Drs. José Cabaçedas, Falko Fend, LoAnn Peterson, Philippe Gaulard, Philip Kluin, Isunzu Kuzu, Elaine Jaffe, Christer Sundström, and Andrew Wotherspoon. More information will be coming soon.

Officers and Committees

President/EAHP Rep. - Jonathan Said, MD ('10-'12)
Past President - LoAnn Peterson, MD ('08-'10)
Vice-President/President Elect Marsha Kinney MD ('10-'12)
Secretary-Treasurer - Sherrie Perkins, MD ('08-'10)
Members-at-Large - Leticia Quintanilla-Fend, MD ('07-'11)
Attilio Orazi, MD ('07-'11)
Nancy Rosenthal, MD ('08-'12)
Robert Hasserjian ('09-'13)
Magdalena Czader MD ('10-'14)
Dan Arber MD ('10-'14)
EAHP Reprasentative - Leticia Quintanilla-Fend ('07-11)
Case of the Quarter - Megan Lim, MD ('10-'14)
Constitution & Bylaws - Steven Swerdlow, M.D. ('09-'13)
Communications - Norman Levy, MD (Chair)
Daniel Jones, MD, PhD
Membership - Robert Lorsbach, MD ('08-'11) (Chair)
Yi-Hua Chen ('09-'12)
Nominating Committee - Roger Warnke, MD ('08-'14) (Chair)
Steven Swerdlow, MD ('06-'12)
LoAnn Peterson, MD ('10-'16)
Program - ASCP - Carlos Bueso-Ramos, MD, PhD (Chair)('08-'10)
William Morice, MD, PhD ('09-'11)
Education Committee - Kaaren Reichard, MD ('06-'10)
Bachir Alobeid, MD ('07-'11)
John Anastasi, MD ('08-'10)
Patricia Aoun, MD, MPH ('08-'10)
Megan S. Lim, MD, PhD ('08-'10)
Yasodha Natkunam, M.D. ('09-'11)
Vonda K. Douglas MD ('10-'12)
Zeba Singh MD ('10-'12)
Scott J. Rodig MD PhD ('10-'12)
SH Scientific Symposium-USCAP-2011 - Cherie Dunphy MD and Judith Ferry MD.
SH/EAHP Workshop - 2011- Sophie Song, Jonathan Said, Scott Binder and Stephen Lee MD

Thanks to all Society members who participate in and volunteer for the Society. Your active involvement is what makes the Society so successful.

All the best,

Jonathan Said