November, 1995

The City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, CA, was the venue for the Workshop on Immunodeficiency-Related Lymphoproliferative Disorders held October 19-21, 1995. The Scientific Committee, under the direction of Coordinator Karen Chang, compiled a fascinating collection of 82 cases . The slide set contained examples of lymphoproliferative disorders occuring in diverse settings: 1) post-transplant immunosuppression, 2) other iatrogenic immunosuppression, 3) congenital immunodeficiencies, and 4) the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The workshop was helpful in crystallizing concepts regarding the classification of immunodeficiency lymphomas, and in identifying areas requiring further investigation and research. The workshop was attended by 118 participants from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Our hosts even managed to arrange for perfect southern California weather.

The workshop again proved the value of these programs to the membership. Although a topic has not yet been selected, our goal is to have the next workshop in the Fall of 1997. If your institution is interested in hosting the next workshop, you should submit a proposal to Dr. Peter Banks, President-Elect, prior to the next Society meeting at USCAP in March, 1996. The host institution should have a conference room capable of accomodating at least 100 participants with microscopes. Facilities for TV projection are helpful, if available. Hotel accomodations at a reasonable cost should be nearby. The responsibilites for the Coordinator are significant, but hopefully worth the effort. If you are potentially interested, former conference coordinators (Drs. Banks, Pantalony, and Chang) can give you further information.

A successful program covering topics in lymph node and bone marrow pathology was held in New Orleans in conjunction with the ASCP meeting in September, 1995. The handouts from that program are enclosed. The Society thanks John Cousar for organizing such an excellent program.

Also enclosed with this mailing is the 1995 Membership Directory.

Please remind trainees (residents or fellows) in your program to apply for the Pathologist-in-Training Award. A copy of the application form is enclosed. It should be submitted to the Society office with a copy of the Abstract no later than March 1, 1996. Poster and platform presentations at the USCAP meeting are both eligible.

Readers of the American Journal of Surgical Pathology may have noticed the new Hematopathology Section, sponsored by the Society for Hematopathology, which appeared in the latest issue. We are pleased to join the Journal in this venture, which recognizes the long standing association between the Society and the AJSP. Hematopathology manuscripts being submitted for publication should be sent to Elaine S. Jaffe, M.D., Hematopathology Section Editor, Building 10, Room 2A 33, 10 Center Drive MSC-1500, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD 20892-1500.

The Society for Hematopathology may be going electronic! Many organizations and user groups find email an easy way to communicate among their memberships. We hope to find out how many of our members have access to email currently, and what level of interest there is for establishing a Listserv, and possibly a World Wide Web page for the Society. Norm Levy has done a lot of preparation for this venture, and has already established a "test Listserv", which is being used on a trial basis by some members. He has prepared a questionnaire which is enclosed; please complete it and return it to Norm directly.

I regret to report the untimely passing of Prof. Thaddaus Radaszkiewicz, who died after a short illness on September 20, 1995. Thaddaus had been a long standing member of the Society, and was serving on the Executive Committee at the time of his death. He was an enthusiastic participant in Society workshops and scientific programs, and I know he will be missed by many. The Society has expressed its deep regret to his wife Charlotte, and has made a contribution in his memory to the University of Vienna. Members who wish to express their condolences to the family can write to : Dr. Charlotte Radaszkiewicz, 1140 Hutteldorfer Strasse, 216/11, Wien, Austria.

I hope to see you all at the next Society meeting in Washington, D.C., March 24, 1996. Tom Grogan has organized an outstanding scientific program on Prognostic Factors in Aggressive Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Elaine S. Jaffe