November, 2000

Dear Society Members:

As we approach the holidays, I hope that you are all doing well and anticipating a fine holiday season! In this newsletter I will try to highlight the recent new developments for our Society, as well as ongoing activities.

Review of SH Symposium in New Orleans

I have received from USCAP the review and estimated attendance for our Scientific Symposium on histiocyte disorders. Approximately 600 people attended and an overall rating of excellent was submitted by 70% of those evaluating our program. Many thanks to our excellent speakers for such an outstanding program!


Please join me in thanking many of our members who have worked hard in supporting our Society in so many ways:

  • Jim Vardiman has secured an $8000 donation from Beckman Coulter to support our upcoming SH Symposium in Atlanta. This donation allows us to invite clinicians and others to complement our hematopathologist speakers for these scientific programs.
  • LoAnn Peterson, Phuong Nguyen, and William Kern put together the excellent ASCP Companion program on the new WHO classification. LoAnn has informed me that this was a huge success, with over 70 attendees who expressed a very high level of interest in this topic. I would also like to thank the four speakers who include our Society members Nancy Harris, Randy Gascoyne, Jim Vardiman, and Russ Brynes.
  • Randy Gascoyne has kindly agreed to be the moderator of our upcoming Scientific Symposium in Atlanta which is entitled "Follicular Lymphoma and Related Disorders: Biology, Pathology, and Clinical Correlates." See below for the list of speakers and topics for this upcoming symposium.
  • Marshall Kadin has put an enormous effort into organizing our next SH/EAHP Joint Workshop in Boston in 2001. See below for more details.
  • Sue Berard continues to help our Society in so many ways! She is currently helping us in our transition to FAES for administrative support, which will begin on January 1, 2001. Fortunately Sue has kindly agreed to stay on as a consultant after January 1.
  • Norm Levy continues to provide support for the Society web page including the Boston Workshop announcement and case submission forms which are readily available on this web page. We have also included these in hard copy for your convenience.
  • Nancy Harris has been very generous with her time in mentoring me in my new role for the Society.

I hope you will join me in extending our thanks to all of these individuals!

Joint SH/EAHP Workshop: Boston, 2001

Things are falling into place nicely for this workshop, and I invite all of you to submit a case for this workshop. Enclosed is information about the workshop and case submission requirements.

Joint EAHP/SH Workshop: Siena, 2002

Plans are already underway for the next European workshop May 26-30, 2002. The international scientific committee, local organizing committee, and workshop panelists have all been identified. A preliminary planning meeting will be held in Siena in January to develop the full program and recommended speakers. We will keep you updated on information about this workshop not only in newsletter form, but also on the Society web page.

SH Symposium in Atlanta-Sunday, March 4, 2001

As I mentioned above the title for this symposium is "Follicular Lymphoma and Related Disorders: Biology, Pathology and Clinical Correlates." Randy Gascoyne and Wing Chan are co-moderators and the speakers include:

Sibrand Poppema "The Biology and Physiology of the Normal Follicle"

Paul Kurtin "Reactive Lymphadenopathies Mimicking Follicular Lymphoma"

Sandra Horning "Clinical Aspects of Follicular Lymphoma"

Nancy Harris "Pathology of Follicular Lymphoma"

Peter Isaacson "Other B-Cell Lymphomas Related to the Follicle"

Randy Gascoyne "Cytogenetic/Molecular Genetic and Gene Expression Patterns in Follicular Lymphoma"

This should be an outstanding symposium and I hope you will be able to attend!

Pathologist-in-Training Award

Please remember to nominate your residents and fellows for our pathologist-in-training award for USCAP abstracts. All abstracts that have been submitted for the Stowell-Orbison Award will automatically be included in judging for our Society award.

Transition to FAES As many of you know, Sue Berard will be retiring from the Society, and we have contracted with FAES (the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, Inc.) at the National Institutes of Health for administrative support for SH. We are in the process of transitioning Society activities from Sue to FAES. The individual at FAES who will assume front-line responsibilities for our Society is Adrian Martinez. You may direct questions to him at the following e-mail address: I will keep you all posted on the status of this transition. Once again, please join me in extending our Society's sincerest thanks to Sue Berard for her many years of outstanding service. I'm very pleased that she will continue as a consultant, but I'm likewise pleased that she and Cos will be able to enjoy their retirement more fully.

Have a great holiday season and see you all in the new year!

Cheers - Kathy