To: Members of the Society for Hematopathology

From: Nancy Lee Harris M.D.

Date: October, 1998

As summer draws to a close (at least in the Northern hemisphere), I'd like to give you an update on Society activities.

  1. The Society symposium at USCAP was a great success, providing a sizeable audience with a timely update on many facets of Hodgkin's disease. This year, the Long Course also focused on hematologic malignancies, and many Society members turned in excellent performances under the leadership of Elaine Jaffe and Chervl Willman.

  2. Among many outstanding subrnissions for the Pathologist in Training Award, the presentation by Dr. Kojo Elenibota-Johnson was selected to receive the award ("Homozygous Deletions at Chromosome 9p21 Encompassing P16 and P15 are Associated with Histologic Progression in Follicle Center Lymphoma"). I hope you will join me in congratulating Dr. Elenibota-Johnson and in thanking the other trainees for their excellent work. I hope all members will encourage their trainees to submit this year's abstracts for the competition.

  3. New officers and committee members: Dr. Kathy Foucar was elected Vice President of the Society. Drs. Sibrand Poppema, Steven Swerdlow, and John Chan were elected members-at-large of the Executive Committee. Dr. Judith Ferry will join the Membership Committee, replacing Dr. Steven Swerdlow. Dr. Loann Peterson will join the ASCP program committee, replacing John Strickler.

  4. Affer many years of affiliation with The American Journal of Surgical Pathology, the Society Executive Committee decided that affiliation with Modern Pathology would better serve the Society's needs and would reflect our association with USCAP. Accordingly, we have now become a Sponsoring Society of Modern Pathology, which will publish our meeting abstracts. In addition, it is proposed that a Society member will be appointed to the Board of Editors to serve as Associate Editor for hematopathology manuscripts. We look forward to a productive relationship with this excellent journal.

  5. SH symposium at ASCP Fall meeting: A program on Diagnostic Hematopathology was organized by Curtis Hanson, with four talks on chronic myeloproliferative disorders (James D. Hoyer, M.D.), acute leukemias and myelodysplastic syndromes (Richard Brunning, M.D.), extranodal lymphomas (Steven Swerdlow, M.D.), and mantle cell lymphoma (Paul Kurtin, M.D.).

  6. SH Symposium at USCAP, San Francisco, March 21, 1999. The topic will be Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Related Disorders, organized by James Vardiman, M.D. Although this is a topic ofien met with a groan by members who prefer to focus on lymphomas and lymph node pathology, it is an area in which recent advances in cytogenetics and molecular genetics have been truly stunning, stimulating discussion of new approaches to classification and diagnosis. If pathologists do not develop a means for integrating this new information into their reports, they run the risk of becoming marginalized, and their contribution to patient care will be markedly diminished. The WHO committees are attempting to incorporate these advances into a classification that can be used by pathologists in practice and that will be clinically relevant. Thus, this symposium should provide the membership with a timely update on these issues. The program will feature Richard Brunning, M.D., Cheryl Willman, M.D., Janet Rowley, M.D., Kevin Shannon, M.D. and Kathy Foucar, M.D.

  7. Second Joint Meeting of the SH and EAHP: Barcelona, Spain, September 17-18, 1999. As you will recall, several years ago the SH and the EAHP agreed to hold joint meetings every two years, alternating in the U.S. and Europe. The first joint meeting was held in conjunction with the USCAP meeting in March, 1997. This meeting took the form of a one-day symposium featuring speakers from both societies. The next joint meeting will be a workshop to be held in Barcelona, Spain, immediately prior to the European Society of Pathologists (ESP) meeting (September 19-23, 1999). The topic of the Workshop will be "Tumor progression in lymphomas" - with an emphasis on trying to understand the morphological and biological spectrum of these processes and to develop new insights on mechanisms. All members of both societies are invited to attend. Cases will be limited to 100, but up to 200 participants can be accommodated, 100 of whom will receive slide sets. A second notice and call for cases will be mailed to Society members in October.

  8. The Millenium Conference: The next meeting of the EAHP will be in London, May 7-11, 2000. All SH members are invited. The topic will be "The B-cell follicle." The first announcement is enclosed

  9. I believe that communication and advances in hematopathology will be facilitated by closer associations between the Society for Hematopathology and the European Association for Hematopathology. Ways to accomplish this should be considered. Possibilities include (1) formalizing a closer relationship between existing societies, byoffering joint memberships and making all of our workshops officially joint meetings and (2) forming an "umbrella" international society with national societies (American, European, Australasian). As a first step, I plan to propose that both societies offer membership to any member in good standing of the other society, upon submission of evidence of membership and payment of dues. Hopefully we can discuss this at the March meeting.

  10. Progress on the WHO classification. As you know, a meeting of the Clinical Advisory Committee was held in November, 1998. There was a high level of support for the lymphoma classification and some controversy about the direction that classification of myeloid disorders should take. A meeting report is being drafied for publication later in 1998. Drs. James Vardiman and Georges Flandrin have been invited to join the Steering Committee as experts on myeloid neoplasms. Most Committees have turned in their reports and the Steering Committee is working on final drafts of the classification. Publication is anticipated in 1999.

  11. Norman Levy has developed a World Wide Web (WWW) site and an automated mailing list -Hemato-L- for your participation. The WWW site location (URL) is: Http:// ~ nlevy/wwwx.html. The website currently contains among its resources an online membership directory, with linked (known) E-mail addresses, reproductions of the Society's Cases of the Quarter, meeting announcements and syllabi, as well as linked pathology/hematopathology resources on the WWW

    The automated mailing list (listserv) can be joined by sending an E mail message to: The body of the message should read: "Subscribe hemato-L (your name as you want it displayed in the membership list)." You will receive an automated reply that accepts your membership, and provides basic information on the use of the listserv. The listserv allows E-mail communications/ queries to the entire listserv membership, or to selected members, and complements the more graphically oriented Website. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these new resources, contact Norman Levy at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH 03756,