Society for Hematopathology Newsletter, Spring 2004

With this year's Scientific Symposium and our other USCAP-based activities successfully completed, before our memories fade completely, there are many people to thank and congratulate. There are also many educational and other activities to look forward to over the next year and plenty of work to be done. We are in good financial shape thanks to all of our members and contributors. I am very interested in the Society being all-inclusive and welcome your input.

A giant thank you from the Society to all of the following:

  • Dr. J. Vardiman for two extremely successful years as our President, Dr. L. Peterson for her dedicated service as our Secretary/treasurer, Dr. S. Abbondonzo for her diligent work on the membership committee, Dr. D. Pantolony for his pro-active work on the Case of the Quarter and for helping to move us forward into the electronic era, Dr. P. Banks for his valuable service on the nominating committee and the members of the 2002-2004 education committee Dr.'s K. Foucar, M. Borowitz, S. Perkins, P. Kurtin and R. Brynes.
  • Dr. M. Borowitz and Dr. J. Downing for organizing a great Scientific Symposium in Vancouver. Thanks also to the other superb speakers Dr.'s R. Jaffe, P. Emanuel, S. Perkins and S. Poppema.
  • Mr. J. Crimmins and Ms. C. Lane of the USCAP, who provide the management support for the Society and who are responsible for things critical to the membership such as the food and beverages at our Sunday reception.
  • The Beckman-Coulter Corporation for their generous financial support for our Society.
  • The many others who have made our programs a success and those who attended them.
Congratulations to our 2004 Pathologist-in-Training Award co-equal winners for a job well done!
  • Dr. S. Cherian for "Flow Cytometric Analysis of Peripheral Blood Neutrophils in the Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndromes," S Cherian, JA Vergilio, S Luger, P Klein, JS Moore, A Bagg. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA.
  • Dr. I. Maricfor for Sinus Histiocytosis with Massive Lymphadenopathy in Patients with Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome," I Maric, S Pittaluga, J Dale, SE Straus, ES Jaffe. NCI, Bethesda, MD; NIAID, Bethesda, MD.
  • Congratulations also to the authors of the other 35 entries we had. Numerous superb studies made judging very difficult. The Society is pleased to see this degree of interest in investigative hematopathology and looks forward to the submissions for next year. Just as a reminder, applicants for this award with posters must be present at the general poster sessions so that they can discuss their findings with the judges.
Congratulations to our elected new leaders and new committee members!
  • Dr. R. Warnke, Vice President/President-elect
  • Dr. J. Said, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. E. Hsi, Member-at Large, Executive Committee
  • Dr. M. Kinney, Membership Committee
  • Dr. C. Dunphy, Dr. E. Jaffe, Dr. M. Kinney, Dr. W. Macon and Dr. V. Reddy, Education Committee
A big welcome to 36 new members bringing our total membership up to 621!

Announcement of 2005 Society for Hematopathology/European Association for Haematopathology Slide Workshop
The 2005 Society for Hematopathology/European Association for Haematopathology Slide Workshop will be co-sponsored and organized by the MD Anderson Department of Hematopathology (L. J. Medeiros, D. Jones and colleagues) and held October 20-22, 2005 in Houston, Texas. The topic will be "Progress in T-cell malignancies: Classification and molecular pathogenesis". Additional information will be forthcoming at our website ( and in the mail.

Other upcoming meetings

  • XII Meeting of the European Association for Haematopathology including the EAHP/SH slide workshop, September 26 October 1, 2004 in Thessaloniki, Greece. A two day EAHP Bone Marrow Symposium, consisting of scientific sessions and a slide workshop, will be held on September 26th and 27th preceding the EAHP Lymphoma Symposium and EAHP/SH slide workshop. A number of satellite symposia including FISH, B-CLL, microdissection and gene expression profiling as well as the 5th Conference on thymus tumors will follow. Two educational sessions on classification and differential diagnosis of B- and T/NK cell neoplasms and on chronic/acute myeloid neoplasms will take place on 27 September. The main themes of the EAHP Lymphoma Symposium, from 28th September to 30th September are "Integration of molecular genetics into haematopathology" and "Extranodal Lymphomas". The joint EAHP/SH slide workshop on "Extranodal Lymphomas (excluding bone marrow, spleen and stomach)" will be held on 30th September 1 October.
    • The abstract submission deadline is April 30th.
    • More information about the meeting is available at:
  • SH/ASCP companion meeting, October 6, 2004
    • Challenges in Hematopathology: Myeloproliferative/Myelodysplastic Overlap Syndromes, Extranodal Cytotoxic Lymphomas, Reactive Versus Lymphomatous Skin Lesions
      • Steven H. Kroft, MD, William G. Finn, MD (moderators) James Vardiman, MD, Marsha Kinney, MD, Bong Kim, MD (speakers)
Selected highlights of some activities that the Society will pursue over the next year:
  • Our Education Committee under the leadership of Dr. S. Perkins will work on the following goals for 2004-2005. I am sure they would appreciate additional input and you should feel free to contact Dr. Perkins directly.
    1. Develop a proposal analogous to that published by ADASP on "Curriculum content and evaluation of resident competency in anatomic pathology" for hematopathology fellowship (and possibly hematopathology core resident) training (AJCP 120:652, 2003).
    2. Evaluate need for training in the performance of bone marrow aspirations and biopsies and provide a recommendation for discussion that could then be presented to the RRC.
    3. Evaluate the pros and cons for attempting to extend hematopathology fellowship training programs from 1 to 2 years and provide a recommendation for discussion that, if different from the status quo and agreed upon by the Society, could be further pursued.
    4. Present for discussion any other suggested changes for hematopathology fellowship training for further action by the ABP/RRC.
    5. Help develop an agenda with SH President for next year's hematopathology fellowship directors' meeting at the San Antonio USCAP.
  • Dr. M. Borowitz and C. Kjeldsberg volunteered to serve as our liaisons to other pathology organizations such as the CAP with regard to hematopathology reimbursement issues.
  • Dr. J. Chan will be reviewing our bylaws (available at our website). Anyone with suggestions for possible changes should contact him.

Executive and Other Society for Hematopathology Committees

Executive Committee Dr. S. H. Swerdlow - President ('04-'06)
Dr. R. A. Warnke - Vice President/President Elect ('04-'06)
Dr. J. W. Said - Secretary/Treasurer ('04-'06)
Dr. J. W. Vardiman - Past President ('04-'06)
Executive Committee, Members at Large Dr. C. Kjeldsberg ('01-'05)
Dr. J. W. Chan ('02-'06)
Dr. J. A. Ferry ('02-'06)
Dr. R. W. Coupland ('03-'07)
Dr. E. Campo ('03-'07)
Dr. E. D. Hsi ('04-'08)
Case of the Quarter Dr. K. Chang ('03-'05)
Communications Dr. N. B. Levy
Constitution & Bylaws Dr. J. W. Chan ('01-'05)
Membership Dr. A. Arber ('01-'05) Chair
Dr. C. Dunphy ('03-'06)
Dr. M. Kinney ('04-'07)
Nominating Committee Dr. J. Vardiman ('04-'10) Chair
Dr. N. L. Harris ('00-'06)
Dr. K. Foucar ('02-'08)
Education Committee ('04-'06) Dr. S. Perkins (Chair)
Dr. R. K. Brynes
Dr. C. Dunphy
Dr. E. S. Jaffe
Dr. M. Kinney
Dr. W. R. Macon
Dr. V. Reddy
Program ASCP Dr. S. Kroft ('02-'04) Chair
Dr. W. Finn ('03-'05)
Dr. F. Craig ('04-'06)
Program-USCAP 2005 Dr. E. S. Jaffe (Chair)
Dr. J. K. C. Chan

Best wishes,
Steve Swerdlow