Spring, 2005

It's hard to believe that it's already time for my second (and last) Spring Newsletter. One more year and the Society's gavel will go to Dr. Warnke. The Society has had a busy year with many contributions from our members at this year's Society's meetings and symposium and at the USCAP Meeting. We might not be getting as much professional reimbursements as in the past, but our field and the SH are thriving thanks to all of you! We are beginning to think about our 2007 SH/EAHP Slide Workshop. Become part of a great tradition and send us your proposal the workshop guidelines and proposal forms are posted on our website (see below). Catch up on other Society news by reading the 2005 General Business Meeting minutes that are posted on our website (thanks to Dr. J. Said).

A big thank you from the Society to all of the following:

  • Dr. Carl R. Kjeldsberg for his dedicated service as a member-at-large of our Executive Committee.
  • Dr. John (Wing) Chan for his hard work as the chair and sole member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee at a time when there was a significant amount of work that had to be done.
  • Dr. Daniel A. Arber as a diligent member and then chair of our Membership Committee during which time our Society continued to grow.
  • Dr. M. Kinney as a member of the Membership Committee who was just elected as a member-at-large of the Executive Committee.
  • Dr. S. Kroft for making our ASCP Companion Meeting a big success.
  • Drs. E. Jaffe and J. K.C. Chan for organizing an extremely successful and very well attended Scientific Symposium on extranodal lymphomas and for their excellent presentations. There were approximately 550 attendees! Thanks also to the other superb speakers: Drs. Chott, Isaacson and Harris. I would not be so presumptuous as to thank myself, but I did enjoy the opportunity.
  • Thanks to all the continuing committee members and chairs for their hard work and contributions.
  • Dr. S. Perkins and her committee for organizing a very informative fellowship directors meeting with presentations from Dr. B. Alexander representing the pathology Residency Review Committee and our own Dr. R. McKenna representing the American Board of Pathology.
  • Mr. J. Crimmins and Ms. C. Lane of the USCAP, who provide superb management support for the Society.
  • The Beckman-Coulter Corporation for their generous financial support for our Society's educational activities.
  • The many others who have made our programs a success and those who attended them.
Congratulations to our 2005 Pathologist-in-Training Award winner for a job well done!
  • Dr. R.R. Miles for "Novel BCL-6 binding proteins identified by LC-MS/MS Suggest a Broader Role for BCL-6 in B-Cell Function," RR Miles, DK Crockett, MS Lim, KSJ Elenitoba-Johnson, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, UT, ARUP Institute for Clinical and Experimental Pathology, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Congratulations also to the authors of the numerous other excellent entries we had.
Congratulations to our elected new leaders and new committee members!
  • Dr. M. Kinney, member-at-large, Executive Committee
  • Dr. D. Jones, Communications Committee
  • Dr. J. Vardiman, Constitution & Bylaws Committee
  • Dr. A. Chadburn and Dr. S. Kroft, Membership Committee
A big welcome to 28 new members bringing our total membership up to 649!

Society for Hematopathology Workshop Proposals for 2007 must be submitted by January 15, 2006. The guidelines and proposal form are posted on our website at http://www.socforheme.org/. We look forward to hearing from you.

Education Committee Activities
Dr. S. Perkins and the members of her Education Committee have been hard at work. Dr. Perkins submitted the following summary of last year's activities and our crack-of-dawn Fellowship Directors Meeting held Sunday morning at the USCAP:

"The fellowship director's meeting held Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting in San Antonio had presentations by Dr. C. Bruce Alexander of the ACGME RRC committee and Dr. Rob McKenna of the American Board of Pathology. The speakers addressed several issues regarding hematopathology training and subspecialty board examinations including competency testing, performance of bone marrow procedures and recertification. Dr. Cherie Dunphy presented the results of the education committee's survey on bone marrow procedures, documenting the wide diversity in numbers of procedures being done by trainees and who is responsible for teaching pathology trainees how to do the procedure. All of these presentations will be posted to the Society web page for those that were unable to attend. In discussions that followed, it was determined that documentation of competency (either in fellowship or residency training) for performance of bone marrow procedures should be sufficient to meet RRC requirements. As many trainees are trained and performing bone marrow procedures during residency training, this may be sufficient if a means to document competency is present in the fellow's file. It was also agreed that pathology trainees should not be expected to perform pediatric bone marrow procedures. Thus, performance of 5-10 adult marrows and observation of pediatric marrows (pending reply from Dr. Nestler at the RRC) are the SH recommendations for establishing competency, with the understanding, that documentation of competency in this arena as a resident would fulfill this requirement in fellowship training. Dr. Alexander also addressed the concept of increasing hematopathology training to two years, but strongly advised against formalizing this as he felt that the RRC would move to fill the additional year with additional requirements, thereby losing the flexibility to pursue research or use an additional training year as the training program has determined to be appropriate. This does not address issues of how the additional year of training was to be funded. Both Dr. Alexander and Dr. McKenna agreed that moving to change the designation of the training programs from hematology to hematopathology to better clarify the type of training was appropriate and should be able to be achieved by petitioning the RRC and ABP. The committee plans to build on these discussions and work towards providing recommendations for hematopathology training curricula that address both RRC and ABP requirements as well as exploring means for subjective testing of fellows in hematopathology over the upcoming year.

Major 2005-2006 goals of education committee:

  • Recommendations for subjective evaluation methods in hematopathology fellowships (including review of current examinations being utilized)
  • Establishing a written core curriculum for hematopathology fellowships (to be presented and then published).
The committee is always interested in your input. Feel free to contact Dr. Perkins or any of the committee members.

Other upcoming meetings:

  • Society for Hematopathology/European Association for Haematopathology/MD Anderson Slide 2005 Slide Workshop - It is now time to register for the SH/EAHP/MD Anderson 2005 Slide Workshop on "Progress in T-Cell and NK-cell Malignancies" to be held in Houston, Texas on October 20-22, 2005. Drs. D. Jones, J. Medeiros and C. Bueso-Ramos at MD Anderson have already done an immense amount of work and attracted a record 235 case submissions! Together with the others on the workshop panel, (N.L. Harris, M. Kinney, P. Gaulard, H.K. Muller-Hermelink), they will be reviewing the cases and notifying the submitters of the disposition of their cases in June, 2005. They are planning an educationally stimulating and fun-filled 2 days. Registration information is available at the conference website at www.mdanderson.org/hematopath. There is also a link from the SH website. Hope to see you there!
  • SH ASCP Companion Meeting, October 7, 2005, Seattle, Washington . Drs. W. Finn, F. Craig and B. Nelson have planned the following program which will focus on advances related to ancillary diagnostic techniques:
    • Molecular testing, Dr. Adam Bagg
    • Practical applications of FISH, Dr. Ellen Remstein
    • Immunophenotyping of lymphoid neoplasms, Dr. F. Craig
  • The European Society for Haematopathology 2006 Meeting and EAHP/SH Slide Workshop are scheduled to take place from October 6-13, 2006 in Vienna, hosted by Dr. Andreas Chott. The major topic for the meeting will be small B-cell proliferations including plasmacytomas. Stay tuned for more information.
  • For those who really plan ahead, the 2008 EAHP Meeting and EAHP/SH Slide Workshop will take place in Bordeaux, France, hosted by Dr. A. Mascarel, September 22-27, 2008. The planned topic is blastic and grey-zone lymphomas.
Executive and Other Society for Hematopathology Committees (2005-2006)

Executive Committee Dr. S. H. Swerdlow
Dr. R. A. Warnke

Dr. J. W. Said
Dr. J. W. Vardiman
President ('04-'06)
Vice President/
President Elect ('04-'06)
Secretary/Treasurer ('04-'06)
Past President ('04-'06)
Executive Committee,
Members at Large
Dr. J. W. Chan ('02-'06)
Dr. E. Campo ('03-'07)
Dr. E. D. Hsi ('04-'08)
Dr. J. A. Ferry ('02-'06)
Dr. R. W. Coupland ('03-'07)
Dr. M. Kinney ('05-'09)
Case of the Quarter Dr. K. Chang ('05-'07)
Communications Dr. N. B. Levy (Chair) Dr. D. Jones ('05-'07)
Constitution & Bylaws Dr. J. Vardiman (Chair)('05-'09)
Membership Dr. C. Dunphy ('03-'06) (Chair)
Dr. S. Kroft ('05-'07)
Dr. A. Chadburn ('05-'08)
Nominating Committee Dr. J. Vardiman ('04-'10) (Chair)
Dr. N. L. Harris ('00-06)
Dr. K. Foucar ('02-'08)
Education Committee ('04-'06) Dr. S. Perkins (Chair)
Dr. R. K. Brynes
Dr. E. S. Jaffe
Dr. W. R. Macon
Dr. C. Dunphy
Dr. M. Kinney
Dr. V. Reddy
Program ASCP Dr. W. Finn ('03-'05)
Dr. B. Nelson ('05-'07)
Dr. F. Craig ('04-'06)
Program-USCAP 2006 To be announced
Liaisons for Hematopathology reimbursement issues Dr. M. Borowitz Dr. C. Kjeldsberg

Best wishes,

Steve Swerdlow