Spring, 2006

Dear Society members,
Greetings from Northern California! Here are a few highlights of recent and future Society activities.

Society Symposium at USCAP
The recent symposium entitled "Pathology of Cutaneous Lymphoproliferative Disorders" featured excellent speakers and attracted a very large audience. Thanks to organizers Larry Weiss and Lyn Duncan and to speakers Jennifer McNiff, Marsha Kinney, Dan Jones, Dan Arber, Marty Mihm, and Steve Swerdlow (who did a fabulous job "pinch-hitting" for Lyn Duncan who was snowed-in in Boston).

Annual Business Meeting at USCAP
At the end of the business meeting we had the opportunity to thank Steve Swerdlow for his stellar service as president of the Society and as representative to the EAHP. We also thanked other outgoing officers and committee members: vice-president Roger Warnke, past-president Jim Vardiman, secretary-treasurer Jonathan Said, members-at-large John (Wing) Chan and Judy Ferry, organizer of case of the quarter Karen Chang, chair of the membership committee Cherie Dunphy, member of the nominating committee Nancy Harris, member of the ASCP program committee Will Finn, and members of the education committee - Russ Brynes, Cherie Dunphy, Stefania Pittaluga, Marsha Kinney and Bill Macon. We congratulate and welcome new executive officers and committee members listed at the end of this newsletter.

Pathologist-in-Training Award
We congratulate the two equal winners of this year's Pathologist-in-Training Award:

Samer Aboudola for his abstract entitled: "Megakaryocytic Nuclear Phospho-STAT5 Staining in Non-CML Myeloproliferative Disorders Correlates with JAK2 V617F" and Christine McMahon for her abstract entitled "JAK2 V617 Mutational Analysis for the Diagnostic Work-Up of Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders." Each will receive a check for $500 and a certificate at our next Symposium at the USCAP meeting in San Diego. The awards committee had a very difficult time this year in selecting these two abstracts from 30 other excellent ones. Many of our Society members served as superb mentors for these trainees.

Education Committee
The Committee sponsored the fellowship director's breakfast on Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting in Atlanta. The director's meeting focused on the results of an informal survey by the Committee that demonstrated widely divergent methods for objectively testing the knowledge of hematopathology fellows. Dr. Russ Brynes presented the results of this informal survey showing that many fellowship directors do not administer formalized tests, and there is a wide variety of assessment approaches used by training programs. Because of interest in more uniform and perhaps more comparable objective testing promoted by new RRC requirements, the invited speaker was Dr. Barbara J. McKenna of the University of Michigan and ASCP who discussed the development and utilization of the RISE exam by the ASCP to objectively test residents' knowledge. There was extensive discussion and the education committee will be looking further into the possibility of developing an objective testing tool that could be used for evaluation of hematopathology fellows.

Additional spirited discussion ensued in reference to fellowship recruitment. Many of the smaller program directors expressed frustration in recruitment because of the ever earlier hiring of fellowship applicants, despite candidates' limited exposure to hematopathology. There was initial discussion addressing the possibility of utilizing the match for hematopathology fellowship trainees and there was interest in obtaining more information. The education committee will begin to collect information from fellowship directors about this possibility as well as attempt to assess the interest of all programs in moving to a match system rather than the current approach.

Case of the Quarter
Cherie Dunphy is actively recruiting cases for the online publication of the Society's Case of the Quarter. If you have an interesting case, please contact her by email or telephone (cdunphy@unch.unc.edu or telephone: 919-843-0718). She will be happy to advise you if your case would be of interest in light of topics that have recently been addressed (or not), as well as provide you with the guidelines for submission.

XIII. Meeting of EAHP and Workshops, Vienna, October 7-12, 2006
The program and registration forms for the Vienna meeting and workshops are available at www.mondial.at/eahp.

Deadline for EAHP Bone Marrow Workshop cases: May 5, 2006
Deadline for abstracts: May 5, 2006
Deadline for early bird registration: June 15, 2006
Deadline for hotel reservation: August 25, 2006

SH/ASCP Companion Meeting, Las Vegas, October 18, 2006
Fiona Craig reports that this companion meeting will update participants on recent advances in the field of hematopathology that have an impact on routine diagnostic work. The presentations will provide practical information for practicing pathologists. Dan Jones will focus on practical approaches to the diagnosis of T-cell and NK-cell malignancies, Stefania Pittaluga will address the diagnostic challenge of gray zone lymphoma, and John Anastasi will discuss chronic myeloproliferative disorders.

SH Symposium at USCAP Meeting, San Diego, March 25, 2007
The Annual Symposium will focus on the myeloproliferative diseases and will include a review of the new discoveries regarding tyrosine kinases in the pathogenesis of these disorders including the JAK2 mutation in PV, ET and CIMF. There will also be presentations of selected topics in morphology, disease monitoring and clinical features of this group of diseases. The moderators will be Dr. John Anastasi of the University of Chicago and Dr. Will Finn of the University of Michigan. The specific schedule of speakers is currently being arranged and will be communicated in the fall newsletter.

SH/EAHP Workshop, Indianapolis, November 1-3, 2007
Workshop organizers Magdalena Czader, MD, PhD and Attilio Orazi, MD are planning a workshop entitled: Myeloid neoplasms and mastocytosis: diagnostic issues in the light of the recent advances in molecular pathogenesis (excluding de novo AML). The goal of the workshop is to connect diagnostic hematopathology practice to the most recent scientific discoveries in the myeloid neoplasms and address diagnostic challenges through case discussions. Cases requested will include illustrative, interesting and challenging examples of chronic myeloproliferative disorders including chronic myelogenous leukemia, Ph- chronic myeloproliferative disorders; myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative diseases; myelodysplastic syndrome (including related bone marrow failure disorders); therapy-related myeloid neoplasms; extramedullary manifestations of neoplastic myeloid disorders and mast cell disease.

Officers and Committees

President/EAHP Representative Roger A. Warnke, MD. ('06 -'08)
Past President Steven H. Swerdlow, MD ('06-'08)
Vice-President/President Elect Dr. Carl R. Kjeldsberg ('06-'08)
Secretary-Treasurer Karen L. Chang, MD ('06-'08)
Members-at-Large Elias Campo, MD ('03-'07)
Robert W. Coupland, MD ('03-'07)
Eric D. Hsi, MD ('04-'08)
Marsha Kinney, MD ('05-'09)
Daniel M. Jones, MD ('06-'10)
William Finn, MD ('06-'10)
Case of the Quarter Cherie Dunphy MD ('06-08)
Constitution & Bylaws James W. Vardiman, MD ('05-'09)
Communications Norman B. Levy, MD (Chair)
Daniel M. Jones, MD
Membership Steven Kroft, MD ('04-'07) (Chair)
Amy Chadburn, MD ('05-'08)
Catherine Leith, MD ('06-'09)
Nominating Committee Steven H. Swerdlow, MD ('06-'12) (Chair)
James W. Vardiman, MD ('04-'10)
Kathy Foucar, MD ('02-'08)
Program ASCP Fiona E. Craig, MD ('04-'06) (Chair)
Beverly Nelson, MD ('05-'07)
Patricia Aoun, MD, MPH ('06-'08)
Education Committee Sherrie Perkins, MD ('04-'07 or '08) (Chair)
Mary Ann Thompson Arildsen, MD, PhD ('06-'08)
Attilio Orazi, MD ('06-'08)
Kaaren Reichard, MD ('06-'08)
L. Jeffrey Medeiros, MD ('06-'08)
Vishnu Reddy, MD ('04-'07)
Program USCAP 2007 John Anastasi and William Finn
SH/EAHP Workshop 2007 Magdalena Czader and Attilio Orazi

Thanks again to all of the members who serve the Society in so many different ways. In the past year a number of members have expressed an interest in working for the Society in various roles. Recently, many of these individuals have been appointed to committees and others will be appointed in the future.

Best wishes.