May 2008

Dear Society members,

Greetings from Chicago! I hope this letter finds you well. Here are a few highlights of recent and future Society activities.

Society Symposium at USCAP
The recent symposium entitled "New Approaches to Diagnosing and Classifying Aggressive B-cell lymphomas" featured excellent speakers including Dr. Elias Campos, University of Barcelona; Dr. Yaso Natkunam, Stanford University; Dr. Izidore Lossos, University of Miami; and Dr. Ahmat Dogan, Mayo Clinic. Thanks to the organizers, Dr. Dan Jones and Dr. Eric Hsi and to the speakers for making this symposium such a huge success.

Annual Business Meeting at USCAP
At the Annual Business Meeting, the Society thanked Dr. Roger Warnke for his outstanding service as President of the Society and as representative to the EAHP. Thanks were also extended to other outgoing officers and committee members: Dr. Carl Kjeldsberg, Vice-President, Dr. Karen Chang, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Eric Hsi, Executive Committee member-at-large, Dr. Kathy Foucar, Nominating Committee, Dr. Patricia Aoun, ASCP Program Committee, Dr. Amy Chadburn, Membership Committee, Dr. Mary Ann Thompson, Education Committee, and Dr. Jeffrey Medeiros, Education Committee. We also extend our Congratulations and Welcome to the new Officers and Committee members listed at the end of this newsletter.

Pathologists-in-Training Award
Congratulations to Dr. Jason Cheng who is the winner of this year's Pathologists-in-Training Award for his abstract entitled "Analysis of DNA Methylation and Histone H3 Trimethylation at Lysine 27 (H3K27me3) in Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) with a Novel Sequential Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation (SMeDIP) and Sequential Chromatin-Immunoprecipitation (SChIP) Technology: A Pilot Study of Refractory Cytopenia with Multilineage Dysplasia (RCMD)." Dr. Cheng is a pathology resident at the University of Chicago. In addition to receiving a check for $500 from the Society, a certificate will be presented to him at our next Symposium at USCAP meeting in Boston. The Awards Committee reviewed many excellent abstracts. Thank you to the participating residents/fellows and also to the superb mentors for these trainees.

Education Committee
The Education Committee, chaired by Dr. Kaaren Reichard, sponsored the Fellowship Directors breakfast on Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting. This meeting focused on 2 main issues. The first topic concerned standardization of the fellow recruitment process in Hematopathology. The decision was made to continue this year with the same guidelines that were proposed last year. These timelines are: Accept applications until December 1 (19 months in advance of the fellowship), interview candidates in the month of January, and offer positions anytime on or after February 1. National efforts are also underway to standardize the fellow recruitment process; the Education Committee is following and is actively involved in this process.

The second focus of the Fellowship Directors meeting was to review efforts of the Education Committee in enhancing fellow competency testing and fulfilling the ACGME core competencies. Dr. Bachir Alobeid summarized program directors' opinions about the ASCP Fellow-in-Service Hematopathology exam; the general consensus was that it is a good, well-balanced test that should be offered once a year. Dr. Henry Render, ASCP RISE Chair, provided a breakdown of test questions and discussed the process of putting the exam together. The Education Committee is also looking at the utility of virtual microscopy (headed by Dr. Fiona Craig) in fellow competency testing. I encourage you to look at the Society website for more detailed information about the many activities of the Education Committee.

Case of the Quarter
If you have an interesting case that you would like to present for online publication as part of the Society's Case of the Quarter, please contact Dr. Cherie Dunphy by email or telephone ( or telephone: 919-843-0718). She will be happy to advise you if your case would be of interest in light of recent topics that have been published as well as provide you with the guidelines for submission.

SH/EAHP Workshop, Fall 2009
We are delighted to announce that Workshop organizers, Drs. Eric Hsi and Jim Cook, are planning a workshop for fall, 2009 entitled: "The Spectrum of Immunoproliferative Disorders and the Border between B-cell Lymphoma and Plasma Cell Neoplasms." The objectives of this workshop will be to: 1. demonstrate the spectrum of plasmacytic maturation of B-cell lymphomas; 2. clarify diagnostic criteria for LPL/WM and it's distinction from other neoplasms with plasmacytic differentiation; 3. develop a consensus on the clinical/ pathologic spectrum of plasmablastic lymphoma and their distinction from anaplastic plasmacytoma; and 4. refine phenotypic, molecular and genetic features of these diagnostic categories. The exact location/date for this conference and the types of cases to be solicited will be presented in an upcoming communication.

At the Society general business meeting in March, 2008, 64 new full members were approved; this brings the Society membership up to a total of 771 members. Welcome new members!

SH/ASCP Companion Meeting
The SH/ASCP companion meeting, held October 15, 2008 in Baltimore, will be moderated by Dr. Patricia Aoun. The program includes "Dr. Robert Hasserjian-"Overview of Changes to the Classification of Myeloid Disorders in the Revised WHO Classification"; Dr. Lisa Rimsza-"Recent Developments in the Classification of Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma," and Dr. Patricia Aoun-"Recent Developments in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia/Lymphoma". This is bound to be an excellent program - see the ASCP website for registration information.

EAHP Meeting and Workshop:
The EAHP/SH Workshop is scheduled for September 20-27, 2008 in Bordeaux, France. This meeting includes a Bone Marrow Symposium (Interaction between Stroma and Haematopoiesis in the Bone Marrow), a bone marrow workshop (Reactive Conditions Mimicking Neoplasms; Myelodysplastic Syndromes), 3 Lymphoma Symposiums (Microenvironment and lymphomagenesis, Grey-zone Around DLBCL, and Recent Advances in Hematology) and a Lymphoma Workshop (Grey Zones around DLBCL). There is still time to sign up for this program - please see the EAHP website for details.

WHO Classification Project
Dr. Swerdlow reported that the second edition of the WHO classification of Hematopoietic Neoplasms (fourth series) is expected to be published in the Fall of 2008.

SH Symposium at the USCAP Meeting in Boston, March, 2009
Drs. Jim Vardiman and Steve Swerdlow are co-chairing the next SH Symposium at the USCAP meeting in Boston on the topic of "The New WHO classification." I'm sure this will prove to be an enormously popular topic and I know that the symposium will be outstanding.

Officers and Committees
President - LoAnn Peterson, MD ('08-'10)
Past President - Roger Warnke, MD ('08-'10)
Vice-President/President Elect/EAHP Rep. - Jonathon Said, MD ('08-'10)
Secretary-Treasurer - Marsha Kinney, MD ('08-'10)
Members-at-Large - Leticia Quintanilla-Fend, MD ('07-'11)
Nancy Rosenthal, MD ('08-'12)
Daniel M. Jones, MD, PhD ('06-'10)
Attilio Orazi, MD ('07-'11)
Amy Chadburn, MD ('08-'09)
William Finn, MD ('06-'10)
Case of the Quarter - Cherie Dunphy, MD ('06-'10)
Constitution & Bylaws - James W. Vardiman, MD ('05-'09)
Communications - Norman B. Levy, MD (Chair)
Daniel M. Jones, MD, PhD
Membership - Ahmet Dogan, MD, PhD ('07-'10) (Chair)
Catherine Leigh, MD ('06-'09)
Robert Lorsbach, MD ('08-'11)
Nominating Committee - Roger Warnke, MD ('08-'14) (Chair)
Steven H. Swerdlow, MD ('06-'12)
James W. Vardiman, MD ('04-'10)
Program - ASCP - Patricia Aoun, MD, MPH ('06-'08)
Carlos Bueso-Ramos, MD, PhD ('08-'10)
James R. Cook, MD, PhD ('07-'09)
Education Committee - Kaaren Reichard, MD ('06-'10)
Fiona Craig, MD ('07-'09)
Bachir Alobeid, MD ('07-'09)
John Anastasi, MD ('08-'10)
Patricia Aoun, MD, MPH ('08-'10)
Megan S. Lim, MD, PhD ('08-'10)
Program - USCAP-2009 - James Vardiman, M.D. and Steve Swerdlow, M.D.
SH/EAHP Workshop - 2009 - Eric Hsi, M. and James R. Cook MD

Thanks to all Society members who volunteer for the Society in many different ways. Your hard work and leadership are what make the Society so successful.

All the best,

LoAnn Peterson