May 2009

Dear Society Members,
It was great to see so many of you at our meeting in Boston. Here are a few highlights of recent and future Society activities.

Society Symposium at USCAP
The recent symposium in Boston entitled “Tumours of the Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues: Introducing the Revised WHO” was extremely well attended and a huge success. The speakers included Drs. Dan Arber, Attilio Orazi, Stefano Pileri, Steven Swerdlow, Elaine Jaffe, and Nancy Harris. Thanks to the organizers, Drs. Steven Swerdlow and Jim Vardiman, and to the speakers for such an outstanding program.

Annual Business Meeting at USCAP
At the Annual Business Meeting, thanks were extended to outgoing officers and committee members: Amy Chadburn, Executive Committee Member-at-Large; Patricia Aoun, ASCP Program Committee; Catherine Leith, Membership Committee; Bachir Alobeid , Education Committee; Fiona Craig, Education Committee; Jim Vardiman, Constitution and By-laws Committee. A special thanks was given to Dr. Norman Levy for his many years of outstanding service as the SH webmaster and for his ongoing support of this activity. We also extend our Congratulations and Welcome to the new Officers and Committee members listed at the end of this newsletter.

Pathologist’s-in-Training Award
Congratulations to Dr. Jesalyn Taylor who is the winner of this year’s Pathologist’s-in Training Award for her abstract entitled “Genomic Profiling of Plasmablastic Lymphoma Using BAC Array CGH – Revealing Significant Overlapping Genomic Lesions with DLBCL”. Dr. Taylor is a pathology resident at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. In addition to receiving a check for $500 from the Society, a certificate will be presented to her at our next Symposium at the USCAP meeting in Washington, D.C. The Awards Committee reviewed many excellent abstracts. Thank you to the residents/fellows who participated in this program and also to the superb mentors for these trainees.

Education Committee
The Education Committee, chaired by Dr. Kaaren Reichard, sponsored the Fellowship Director breakfast at 7:00 am on Sunday morning at the USCAP meeting. There was a huge turnout with standing room only. Based on your comments, Kaari promises that this meeting will begin no earlier than 8 am next year.

There were two very informative speakers. The first speaker, Drs. James Crawford, past-president of the Association of Pathology Chairs (APC), spoke on fellowship recruitment timeline guidelines.

The APC, with input from PRODs (Program Directors Section) and the ASCP and CAP resident forums, has developed a standardized application form and guidelines for application to pathology fellowship programs (see SH website under fellowship directors section). For the most part, these guidelines are similar to those put forth by the SH Education Committee, except they advocate using a standardized application form (which can be found at, not issuing offers for positions until March 1, (16 months before matriculation) and outlining a list of “exceptions”.

Given that hematopathology fellowship directors recently (March 2009) voted against pursuing a Match, the Education Committee suggests following the APC guidelines for this coming year.

The second speaker, Mark Brissette, RRC member, spoke on ACGME competencies/ hematopathology fellowship requirements. The program requirements are currently under revision. The Education Committee, along with feedback from the Society’s members, has submitted suggestions to the ACGME review committee on updating the ACGME curriculum requirements for fellows in Hematology. Thank you all for your valuable input.

Case of the Quarter
Cherie Dunphy is actively recruiting cases for Case of the Quarter. If you have an interesting case, please contact her for suitability and instructions at A submission to Case of the Quarter is a great way to participate in the Society.

SH/EAHP Workshop, Fall 2009
The Workshop organizers, Drs. Eric Hsi and Jim Cook, are working hard on the workshop entitled: “The Spectrum of Immunoproliferative Disorders and the Border between B-cell Lymphoma and Plasma Cell Neoplasm” to be held in Cleveland Ohio, September 24-26, 2009. 226 cases have submitted (thank you for your submissions) and they are busy reviewing them. The workshop panel consists of Drs. Swerdlow, Dogan, Lin, Lorsbach, Fend and Molina. Participants can expect to be notified about their cases in mid-late June. In addition, 43 cases of lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma and marginal zone lymphoma were submitted for molecular characterization (according to the LLMPP protocol) performed by Drs. John Chan and Randy Gascoyne. Guest speakers at the workshop will be Dr. Steve Treon and Dr. Raphael Fonseca. For more information, please see the Society website. Note: Proposals for the 2011 workshop are due this fall.

At the Society general business meeting in March, 2009, 68 new full members were approved; this brings the Society membership up to a total of 729 members. Welcome new members!

New Full Members:
Abbott, Charles Krause, Laurel Roullet, Michele
Alagiozian-Angelova, Victoria McNeeley, Marise Ru, Kun
Bhargava, Parul Merzianu, Mihai Shier, Luke
Corn, Ayumi Miley, Timothy Sitwala, Kajal
Cotta, Claudiu Miranda, Roberto N Sthapanachai, Chalengpoj
Cruz, Frank Naski, Michael Theoret, Gilles
Fricke, William Ng, Siok Bian Utiger, Cheryl
Goodell, Lauri Olteanu, Horatiu van Groningen, Krijn
Gupta, Raavi Park, Sunita Williams, Gaynor
Haliotis, Tina Petzar, Michael B Yared, Marwan
Herrick, Jennifer Pfeifer, Walther Yu, Hongbo
Juskevicius, Ridas Pihan, German
Kaur, Prabhjot Platt, April

New Associate Members:
Al-Sabbagh, Ahmad Maambo, Emily Sevilla, Deborah
Ali, Abdullah Malysz, Jozef Sidhu, Harleen
De, Jitakshi Manavi, Cyrus Sramek, Jacob
Grin, Andrea McClintock-Treep, Sara Truell, Jeff
Hamilton, Lesley Morosan, Cristian Twohig, Matthew
Hammour, Tarek Nanaji, Nabid Walters, Matt
Hristov, Alenxandra Pang, Changlee Wolniak, Kristy
Jackson, Courtney Patel, Keyur Yang, George
Khokhar, Faisal Quann, Philip Young, Yorke
Kluk, Michael Roberts, Mark
Luu, Hung S Robu, Valentin

Dr. Norman Levy reported at our Annual Business meeting that the SH website index page revision is near completion. Shared resources are at the top making them more visible. Other additions include a site map, FAQs (including how to post messages on the website), information about resources, and a search capacity. Educational session presentations, case slides, and final diagnoses from the Bordeaux meeting are now available on the website.

SH/ASCP Companion Meeting
The 2008 ASCP companion meeting “Recent Advances in Hematopathology” was held October 15, 2008 in Baltimore. Speakers included Drs. Robert Hasserjian, Lisa Rimza, and Patricia Aoun. The turnout and evaluations were excellent. The next ASCP companion meeting “Practical Update in Hematopathology” will be October 25, 200 9 in Chicago. Moderators will be Drs. Jim Cook and Carlos Buesos-Ramos. Speakers and their topics include Drs. Jim Cook, “Update on Marginal Zone Lymphoma”, Pei Lin, “Plasma Cell Myeloma and Its Differential Diagnosis”, and Bill Morice, “Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia, Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow Manifestations”. Please see the ASCP website for more information.

EAHP Meeting and Workshop, Fall 2010:
XVth EAHP Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, September 25-30, 2010: The topic will be “Frontiers in Diagnosing Lymphoma—Early Lesions, Molecular Pathogenesis and Targeted Therapy.” Abstracts concerning lymphoma in situ, refractory celiac disease, clonal and monotypic atypical hyperplasias, and targeted therapy are invited. The Lymphoma Workshop topic is “Early Lesions in Lymphoid Neoplasia”. The types of cases that would be welcomed include mantle cell lymphoma in situ, follicular lymphoma in situ, early lesions in angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, etc. The Bone Marrow Symposium topic is “From Molecular and Histopathological Bone Marrow Studies to Therapy”. The 2 topics for the Bone Marrow Workshop are “Unusual Acute Leukemias and Myelosarcomas” and “Early Signs of Transformation in MDS and MPD”. The train from Stockholm to Uppsala leaves from the airport and takes about 20 minutes making the workshop a convenient travel destination. The meeting will be held in the New Congress House and is hosted by Dr. Christer Sundström. The Workshop Panel members include Drs. José Cabaçedas, Falko Fend, Judith Ferry, Philippe Gaulard, Philip Kluin, Isunzu Kuzu, Ellen Remstein, Christer Sundström, and Andrew Wotherspoon. More information will be coming soon.

SH Scientific Symposium at the USCAP Meeting in Washington D.C., 2010
Drs. Robert McKenna and Robert Lorsbach are co-chairing the next SH Symposium at the USCAP meeting on the topic of “Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Plasma Cell Neoplasms”. This is a very timely topic and I know that the symposium will be outstanding. More information will be available later.

Survey of Members
A survey prepared by Carl Kjeldsberg was sent to SH members in 2008. This is a brief summary of that survey. There were 198 respondents of which 67% were 41-60 years of age. The majority was fellowship trained and 72% had ABP certification in Pathology-Hematology. Most practiced in university hospitals, followed by community hospitals, reference labs, and finally a small percentage in government hospitals (VA or military). Approximately 15% were fellowship program directors. Most fellowship training programs have 1 or 2 fellows and 87% of the fellowships were of 1 year’s duration. The amount of time spent by members in each service discipline of hematopathology (bone marrow, lymph node, laboratory hematology, flow cytometry, coagulation, cytogenetics, molecular hematopathology) was variable. Seventy-percent of respondents reported they spent 15% or less of their time in research. Approximately 50% if the respondents found the USCAP/ASCP companion meetings and the Society workshops to be extremely valuable. Approximately 40%-45% found the opportunity to network with colleagues, the listserve, and website to be valuable. The Forum cases and Cases of the Quarter were found to be valuable by 32% and somewhat valuable by 49%.

Most respondents gave the Society high marks overall but several excellent suggestions for the Society were included. As a follow up to this survey, I have appointed an ad hoc committee to look at the survey and report to the Executive Committee ways in which the Society might enhance its service to members. This committee is composed of: Amy Chadburn, M.D. (Chair), James Hoyer, M.D., Govind Bhagat, M.D., Qian-Yun Jhang, M.D., Karen Mann, M.D. PhD., Emina Torlakovic, M.D. They are already working on this and would be happy to receive any additional input.

Officers and Committees

President - LoAnn Peterson, MD (’08-’10)

Past President – Roger Warnke, MD (’08-’10)

Vice-President/President Elect/EAHP Rep. – Jonathon Said, MD (’08-’10)

Secretary-Treasurer – Marsha Kinney, MD (’08-’10)

Members-at-Large – Leticia Quintanilla-Fend, MD (’07-’11) Attilio Orazi, MD (’07-’11)
Nancy Rosenthal, MD (’08-’12) Robert Hasserjian (’09-’13)
Daniel M. Jones, MD, PhD (’06-’10) William Finn, MD (’06-’10)

Case of the Quarter – Cherie Dunphy, MD (’06-’10)

Constitution & Bylaws – Steven Swerdlow, M.D. (’09-’13)

Communications – Norman Levy, MD (Chair)
Daniel Jones, MD, PhD

Membership – Ahmet Dogan, MD, PhD (’07-’10) (Chair)
Robert Lorsbach, MD (’08-’11)
Yi-Hua Chen (’09-’12)

Nominating Committee – Roger Warnke, MD (’08-’14) (Chair)
Steven Swerdlow, MD (’06-’12)
James Vardiman, MD (’04-’10)

Program – ASCP – James Cook, MD, PhD (’07-’09) (Chair)
Carlos Bueso-Ramos, MD, PhD (’08-’10)
William Morice, MD, PhD (’09-’11)

Education Committee – Kaaren Reichard, MD (’06-’10)
Bachir Alobeid, MD (’07-’10)
John Anastasi, MD (’08-’10)
Patricia Aoun, MD, MPH (’08-’10)
Megan S. Lim, MD, PhD (’08-’10)
Yasodha Natkunam, M.D. (’09-’11)

SH Scientific Symposium-USCAP-2009 – Robert McKenna, M.D. and Robert Lorsbach, M.D.

SH/EAHP Workshop – 2009 - Eric Hsi, M. and James Cook MD

Thanks to all Society members who participate in and volunteer for the Society. Your active involvement is what makes the Society so successful.

All the best,

LoAnn Peterson