Summer, 2005

I hope everyone is enjoying the hot summer. I think we finished all of our spring activities and will be gearing up to accomplish all that needs to be done prior to our next annual meeting. I hope to see everyone in Houston at our next SH/EAHP Slide Workshop on T-Cell Lymphoma in October. (See Below). The trio of organizers at MD Anderson, together with the workshop panel, have been working very hard and have prepared what looks like an excellent workshop. Everyone should recognize that the quality of what our Society can offer depends on the input and hard work of our members. We are interested in involving as many members as possible in our various activities. Those interested in being potential committee members or Executive Committee members should let me know and, given that it is late in my tenure, I will pass them on to the appropriate individuals. For those feeling particularly adventurous, we are looking for proposals for our 2007 workshop (see below).

Society for Hematopathology/European Association for Haematopathology/MD Anderson Slide 2005 Slide Workshop
Everyone is encouraged to register for the SH/EAHP/MD Anderson 2005 Slide Workshop on "Progress in T-Cell and NK-cell Malignancies" to be held in Houston, Texas on October 20-22, 2005. The organizers (J. Medeiros, D. Jones and C. Bueso-Ramos) and other panel members (N.L. Harris, M. Kinney, P. Gaulard, H.K. Muller-Hermelink) have reviewed the 235 submitted cases. The submitters have all been notified as to the disposition of their cases. Registration information is available at the conference website at There is also a link from the SH website.

Society for Hematopathology Workshop Proposals for 2007
The Society for Hematopathology Workshop Proposals for 2007 must be submitted by January 15, 2006. The guidelines and proposal form are posted on our website at We look forward to hearing from you.

The exciting Society for Hematopathology Scientific Symposium / Sunday USCAP Companion Meeting entitled "Unraveling the Mysteries of Cutaneous Lymphoid Infiltrates" has been planned for February 12, 2006.

Lawrence Weiss and Lyn M. Duncan will be co-moderating the session that will include 6 talks as follows:

  1. Mycosis fungoides and variants Jennifer McNiff

  2. CD30+ lymphoproliferative disorders Marsha Kinney

  3. Other cutaneous T, NK, and precursor lymphomas Dan Jones

  4. Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Lyn Duncan

  5. Secondary lymphomas of the skin Dan Arber

  6. Benign mimics of cutaneous lymphomas Martin C. Mihm, Jr.

WHO Bluebook Series
As discussed before, the WHO Bluebook series was in peril. Although an eight member steering committee composed of SH and EAHP members was ready to start on a new edition of our esteemed Bluebook, it was unclear if the WHO/IARC would continue to publish the series. Individuals representing a variety of pathology, hematopathology and hematology/oncology societies wrote to the Director-General of the WHO. On behalf of the Director-General, the Assistant Director-General replied in June as follows:

"I agree with you that the Blue Books Series should be continued and updated regularly. It is one of WHO's core functions to set international standards in health and the classification of diseases is part of the overarching work.

Please note that the new IARC Director, Dr. Peter Boyle, has the intention to set up an international expert group to advise on the next edition of the Blue Books and to begin updating the existing volumes. However, sustainable funding for this activity is not yet secured.

Please rest assured that WHO will do its utmost to ensure the continuation of this important series."

Education Committee Activities
Dr. S. Perkins reports that she and her colleagues are working on their major goals for this year (2005-2006) which are:

  • Recommendations for subjective evaluation methods in hematopathology fellowships (including review of current examinations being utilized)

  • Establishing a written core curriculum for hematopathology fellowships (to be presented and then published).

In addition, they are planning our fellowship directors' meeting for next year. The committee is always interested in your input. Feel free to contact Dr. Perkins or any of the committee members.

Other upcoming meetings:

  • SH ASCP Companion Meeting, October 7, 2005, Seattle, Washington. Drs. W. Finn, F. Craig and B. Nelson have planned the following program which will focus on advances related to ancillary diagnostic techniques:
    • Molecular testing, Dr. Adam Bagg

    • Practical applications of FISH, Dr. Ellen Remstein

    • Immunophenotyping of lymphoid neoplasms, Dr. F. Craig
  • The European Society for Haematopathology 2006 Meeting and EAHP/SH Slide Workshop are scheduled to take place from October 6-13, 2006 in Vienna, hosted by Dr. Andreas Chott. The major topic for the meeting will be small B-cell proliferations including plasmacytomas.

Stay Cool!