Winter 2001 Society for Hematopathology Update

2001 ASCP Companion Meeting

The fall ASCP Companion meeting was a great success with more than 75 registrants and very good evaluations. I would like to thank the organizing committee (Phuong Nguyen and Bill Kern) as well as the Society members who gave excellent lectures for this Companion meeting. The speakers included Elaine Jaffe, Steve Swerdlow, Jim Vardiman, and Richard Brunning. Many thanks!

Boston Workshop

Thanks to Marshall Kadin the SH/EAHP Workshop in Boston was a great success with 168 registrants! Both speakers and cases were outstanding. Marshall as well as everyone else who worked on this workshop deserves our sincere thanks.

2003 SH/EAHP Workshop

Believe it or not, even though the Boston workshop just ended, we need to identify a host and topic for the 2003 workshop. I have already heard from several Society members, but invite others to provide suggestions for thematic topics or potential locations for this workshop. Please contact me if you need a workshop proposal form. All individuals submitting proposals will be invited to make a presentation to the Executive Committee on Saturday evening, Feb. 23. Please contact me at with your ideas and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Scientific Symposium at USCAP meeting on Feb. 24 in Chicago

John (Wing) Chan and Marshall Kadin have put together an excellent panel of speakers to present the Scientific Symposium entitled "Molecular Pathogenesis in Leukemia and Lymphoma." This Scientific Symposium will serve to summarize some of the issues raised at the Boston workshop.

Speakers and titles of their talks are:

Frederick Alt,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Children's Hospital,
Boston, MA
The role of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement and isotype switch in lymphomagenesis
Ming Du,
Royal Free and University College Medical School,
University College
London, London, UK
Molecular pathology of marginal zone lymphoma
Georgio Inghirami,
New York University Medical Center,
New York, NY
Recent advances in understanding the role of the ALK translocation in the pathogenesis of ALCL
Albert Rübben,
Dept. of Dermatology,
University Hospital of the RWTH, Aachen, Germany
Genetic instability in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas
Janet Rowley,
University of Chicago School of Medicine,
Chicago, IL
Genetic abnormalities in acute leukemia
Jim Downing,
St. Jude Childrenıs Research Hospital,
Memphis, TN
The molecular pathogenesis of acute leukemia. Lessons learned from chromosomal translocation

Wing C. Chan,
University of Nebraska Medical Center,
Omaha, NE
Marshall Kadin,
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

General Membership Meeting and Annual Reception

As usual, we will have our annual general membership meeting immediately following the Scientific Symposium that concludes at ~5pm on Sunday, Feb. 24, at the Chicago USCAP meeting. As we get closer to this date, I will provide an agenda as well as the minutes of last yearıs annual membership meeting on our listserve. The annual reception for Society members will be held immediately following the annual membership meeting (from ~5:30 ­ 7:30pm) in the Mayfair room of the Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Note that the Sunday evening Specialty Conference is "Hematopathology" moderated by Steve Swerdlow (7:30 pm).

Membership Renewal

By now all of you should have received your dues statement to renew your membership in the Society. Please encourage your fellows to join as well. I hope that you will be able to submit your renewal dues during the current calendar year. This certainly makes things easier from and auditing/record-keeping perspective. Thanks in advance for your support of the Society!

New Membership Applications

Either Stephanie Hollis ( or I can provide you with membership application forms or you can print out a copy from our website. I encourage you to invite your fellows to join. The membership dues for trainees are $20. Please encourage individuals to submit their application for membership as quickly as possible so that the Membership Committee will have sufficient time to review the application and forward the Committeeıs recommendation for vote at the annual membership meeting in Chicago on Feb. 24.

Pathologist in Training Awards

As those of you who attended our last membership meeting may recall, we will no longer be accepting nominations for the Society for Hematopathology Pathologist in Training Award during the USCAP meeting. Instead, we invite your nominations in advance for your residents and fellows who will be presenting either posters or proffered papers at the annual USCAP meeting. Please send you nomination to Stephanie Hollis ( and include the name of the resident or fellow being nominated, the title of the abstract, and the session in which the abstract will be presented. We will also need to have your name as nominator, but this will be pretty obvious from the e-mail. We will send periodic "calls for nominations" on the listserve as the meeting date approaches.

Website Update

Exciting things have been happening with the Society for Hematopathology website. First, the Society now has it's own domain name: Your old bookmark will still work, but the URL is now officially (no www necessary)

Second, the Executive Committee has approved the hiring of a new webmaster, Kathy Richmond, to update and expand the website resources. Kathy is a professional web designer and programmer at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and has been the brains behind Norm Levy's website skills. By the time you receive this newsletter, her efforts will be on display at the socforheme location.

In addition to the resources currently available, Kathy is working to add a new database: a "job board", where institutions/practice groups can post available hematopathology positions, and job seekers can post their CV's. What will be new to this database is a web based data entry form that will allow the individual programs and job seekers to post (and edit/update) their information directly into the databases. This will minimize the work involved to post an announcement, and put responsibility for accuracy and timeliness in the hands of the interested parties. Norm and Kathy are also open to other suggestions from the membership. Please contact Norman Levy ( with your suggestions.

Fellowship programs on website

We would like to know if Society members are interested in having all hemepath fellowship programs listed on our website. If there is interest in this we will attempt to collate all of this information and develop a process to maintain current information about hematopathology fellowship training programs. Before you make your decision, please evaluate the Intersociety Committee on Pathology Information website of such programs: A link to this site is currently available on the SH website. After a slow start, it appears they have begun adding fellowship information to the site. If it is satisfactory, we may not need to build our own. However, Norm has indicated to me that we can easily build our own resource. Please let Stephanie Hollis know of your interest in this activity (

XI EAHP Scientific meeting and Workshop May 26-30, Siena, Italy

"Aggressive B-cell lymphomas" will be the focus of the conference and workshop. In addition, there will be a two-day bone marrow symposium preceding the meeting (May 24th and 25th), a one-day workshop on thymus physiology and thymomas (May 26th), and a satellite symposium on molecular techniques (May 25th).

Reapproval of Companion meeting status by USCAP

I was informed by Fred Silva that the SH had been reapproved for Companion meeting status with USCAP for a period of 5 years (2001-2005).

I hope that all of you have a joyous holiday season. I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!