Society for Hematopathology Newsletter, Winter 2004-2005

This will be the pre-SH/pre-USCAP warm up greeting! Many people are already preparing for the festivities. Some of the details are below. The SH sponsored hematopathology fellowship directors meeting will be held early Sunday morning. Our Scientific Symposium will be held, as usual, Sunday afternoon followed by our business meeting where we will vote on the proposed revisions to our constitution and bylaws that you already received. A reception will follow. The USCAP meeting will of course be full of other hematopathology-oriented presentations. All of these events would not be possible without the efforts of many of our members nor without the continued help of our USCAP management team. We just signed a new agreement with the USCAP to continue keeping us running smoothly.

Everyone should have received the Pathology Patterns issue with the Proceedings of the SH/EAHP/St. Jude's Slide Workshop on Pediatric Hematopathology. Once again, a giant thank you to the guest editor, Robert Lorsbach, for a job well done!

SH/EAHP 2005 Workshop MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, October 20-22, 2005 LAST CALL FOR CASES

We are still very interested in YOUR submission for our next slide workshop: "Progress in T-cell Malignancies: Classification and Molecular Pathogenesis" that will be co-sponsored by MD Anderson Cancer Center. The meeting announcement, case submission guidelines and form and the registration form are available at: You can get to the website via the SH website. The submission process really is quite simple and it should be a very interesting workshop. Remember, the deadline for case submission is January 31, 2005.

Dr. D. Jones' helpful suggestions for the types of cases you might want to send in:

  • Superb illustrative examples of classical WHO T-NK cell tumors are welcomed.
  • Variants or unusual presentations, such as: gamma-delta, nasal-type or epitheliotropic tumors occurring at different sites, or intestinal, nasal or hepatosplenic tumors with usual phenotypes, ALK+ tumors with unusual morphology, nodal PTCL with unusual phenotypes (cytotoxic, composite, etc), or T-cell or NK cell tumors post-transplant.
  • Difficult to classify cases, especially acute and chronic leukemias with atypical, intermediate, indeterminate phenotype (e.g. TdT- ALL, T-ALL with B-cell markers, CD4+ LGL, CD8+ T-PLL) or morphology (Large cell ALL, HTLVI/II+ tumors without convolutions), cutaneous lymphomas that are not typical MF (including CD56+ cases), ALCL ALK- vs PTCL cases,
  • Classic cases of progression (low-grade EATL with transformation, MF to Sezary syndrome). Unusual patterns of progression of classical diseases (MF/HD, LyP/MF, HD/ALCL thymoma-ALL, recurrences of PTCL with shifts in appearance or phenotype) or normally low-grade tumors that have more aggressive morphology or behavior (e.g. LGL leukemia, MF).
  • Out-and-out diagnostic dilemmas
  • Weird or awe-inspiring histologic patterns of involvement
  • Familial cases, or T/NK tumors arising out of autoimmune diseases or immunodeficiency. (EBV+/-) B-cell tumors arising within or from a T-cell tumor are also acceptable
  • Tumors treated with T-cell/NK targeted therapies (e.g. Ontak, anti-CD30 reagents, TCR blocking strategies, vaccination, etc).
  • Use of novel T-cell/NK markers by flow cytometry (e.g. TCR panel, NK receptors or activation markers),
  • Multi-site or discordant tumors with molecular evidence of clonal relatedness
  • And, of course, if anyone wants to be so bold as to propose a new entity......

Pathologist-in-Training Award at Annual USCAP Meeting, 2005 FINAL REMINDER
Nominations for the Hematopathology Pathologist-in-Training Award MUST be faxed to the USCAP office NO LATER THAN January 26, 2005. Please visit the website, to check the eligibility requirements and complete the nomination form. Fax the form to the SH office at 706-733-8033. Trainees with posters accepted for the Stowell-Orbison competition in the Hematopathology category are automatically nominated and need not submit an additional application.

The Education Committee is also hard at work. In response to our statement concerning requirements to perform pediatric marrows, Dr. Nestler wrote that the materials we provided would be "included in the agenda book for the Committee's next meeting "and that we should" anticipate a letter of response next spring."

Fellowship directors should receive an invitation via the fellowship directors' listserve to the annual meeting we hold to review educational issues in hematopathology. If you are a fellowship director and did not receive an invitation to attend please let C. Lane at the USCAP know ( An abbreviated agenda of what will be discussed is below.

  • Discussion of Training Issues (Education Committee) --Bone marrow procedures/ data from survey, pediatric bone marrow procedures, hematopathology curriculum, testing during fellowship training, other.
  • Guest speakers- Dr. Bruce Alexander (RRC) and Dr. Robert McKenna (ABP) to discuss issues related to who bears ultimate responsibility for curricular content of "hematopathology" training programs, competencies and structure of hematopathology training, length of hematopathology fellowship training, competency assessment methods, and our role in maintenance of certification issues.
Society for Hematopathology Scientific Symposium, Sunday, February 27, 2005, San Antonio, Texas, Elaine S. Jaffe and John K.C. Chan, moderators
Part I
  • MALT lymphomas: genetic changes, their detection and significance - Andreas Chott, Vienna, Austria
  • Infective etiologies of MALT lymphomas: biological and clinical correlations - Peter Isaacson, London, U.K.
  • Problems in diagnosis of lymphoid lesions of the salivary gland and gastrointestinal tract - JKC Chan, Hong Kong
Part II
  • Lymphoid proliferations in the breast and gynecological tract - Nancy Lee Harris, Boston, MA
  • Mediastinal lymphomas: Practical and theoretical issues - Elaine S. Jaffe, Bethesda, MD
  • New WHO classification of cutaneous lymphomas - Steven H. Swerdlow, Pittsburgh, PA
SH business meeting agenda, February 27, 2005
Look for this at our website next month!

ASCP Companion Meeting, October 7, 2005 Will Finn, with the help of Fiona Craig and Beverly Nelson, is busily planning the Society for Hematopathology companion meeting for the next ASCP Meeting. We have regained our Friday afternoon slot.

EAHP meeting and EAHP/SH Slide workshop, October 6-13 2006, Vienna, Austria

Dr. A. Chott will update all of us on the planning for this meeting and workshop at the upcoming SH business meeting.

Best wishes and hope to see many of you in San Antonio at the end of February,