Winter, 2006

Well, it's almost time for this year's earlier than usual USCAP meeting. As indicated below, the Society has prepared its contributions for the Sunday festivities and we look forward to the many other educational and social activities that will be going on all week. It will be an opportunity for all our members to gather and discuss many of our shared concerns such as plans for a revised WHO blue book, curricula, evaluation methods for our fellowship programs and pragmatic reimbursement issues. It will also be an opportunity to learn more about the vexing cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders.

Society Activities at the USCAP

  • Education Committee/Fellowship Directors Breakfast Meeting All hematopathology fellowship directors should have received (or will be receiving) an invitation to attend our annual fellowship directors breakfast meeting that will be on Sunday, February 12, 2006 at 7:15 AM, with continental breakfast starting at 6:30 AM. If you do not receive an invitation, but are a fellowship director, please contact Carolyn Lane at the USCAP to get your invitation and so you can RSVP. To those who did get their invitations, please RSVP to Ms. Lane. Thank you. The tentative agenda is as follows:
    • [6:30-7:15 AM] Continental Breakfast for Attendees

    • [7:15-7:30 AM] Business Report from Education Committee
      • Assessment survey Drs. Brynes, Perkins

      • Curriculum Project Drs. Dunphy, Reddy, Perkins

      • Hematopathology Fellowship Directors Contact Information Dr. S. Perkins

      • Other business
    • [ 7:30-8:15 AM] Invited speaker: Dr. Barbara McKenna, University of Michigan speaking on " The ASCP Resident Inservice Examination (RISE) as a component of resident competency assessment: What have we learned?"

    • [ 8:15-8:30 AM] Group discussion

The Education Committee, under the leadership of Dr. S. Perkins, has been working very diligently on the issues to be discussed. Dr. Brynes has compiled the mini-survey on assessment that many of the fellowship directors kindly submitted and has sent Dr. B. McKenna the data. We hope to share the data with everyone shortly. Drs. Reddy, Dunphy, and Perkins have been working on a curriculum write-up that will be discussed at the breakfast meeting, but help is on its way!

  • SH Reception immediately follows the Business Meeting. Eat, drink and be merry!

  • Scientific Symposium Sunday, February 12, 2006, 1:30 PM
    Pathology of Cutaneous Lymphoproliferative Disorders, L. Weiss and L. Duncan, Moderators.
    The topics are:

    Mycosis Fungoides and Variants - J. McNiff
    CD30+ Lymphoproliferative Disorders of the Skin - M. Kinney
    Other Cutaneous T, NK, and Precursor Lymphomas - D. Jones
    Cutaneous B-cell Lymphoma - L. Duncan
    Secondary Lymphomas of the Skin - D. Arber
    Benign Mimics of Cutaneous Lymphomas - M. C. Mihm, Jr.
    The handout will be available at the USCAP website.

  • The 2005 Pathologist-in-Training Award will be presented to Dr. Rodney Miles just before the second half of the Symposium.

  • 2006 Annual Business Meeting, Sunday, February 12 at 5:00 PM in the Centennial II, IV Rooms of the Hyatt Regency
    • Agenda to be posted on the website

    • Minutes of the 2005 SH Business Meeting can be found at the Society's website

Other News

Letter Writing Can Pay Off The WHO Bluebook Series
Many may remember that the news at last year's Society meeting was that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was no longer interested in publishing the WHO Bluebook series and that the WHO in Geneva had been approached to help carry on the series. Over the year, word spread that the fate of the series was in serious peril. Our Society, together with other pathology and hematology/oncology societies, wrote letters to the Assistant Director of the WHO emphasizing how important the Bluebook series was. Luckily, we can now report that news of the Bluebook's demise was clearly premature.

Dr. P. Boyle, the current director of the IARC held an advisory group meeting in Lyon, France on December 13 and 14, 2005 to discuss the WHO Bluebook Series past and future. At this time it was announced that the IARC (previously led by Dr. P. Kleihues and the organization responsible for the 3rd WHO Bluebook Series) has agreed to organize a 4th series that would begin to be published in 2007 by the WHO Press. While details remain to be determined, the current plan is for publication of the haematopoietic/lymphoid volume in early 2008. Dr. Boyle was extremely complimentary about our 3rd edition volume in terms of its content and the process we used to create it. An 8-member steering committee agreed upon by the EAHP and SH consisting of Drs. E. Campo, E. Jaffe, N.L. Harris, S. Pileri, H. Stein, S.H. Swerdlow, J. Thiele and J. Vardiman is hoping to begin working on this project early in 2006.

Members with specific or more general suggestions they would like to see in the revised haematopoietic/lymphoid Bluebook should write to one of the members of the Steering Committee.

Reimbursement Issues
Once again there are threats on the horizon that could impede the way in which we practice hematopathology. Dr. Carl Kjeldsberg will be discussing the latest issues concerning flow cytometry as well as the proposal to limit reimbursements to four immunohistochemical stains per case. The officers of the Society, together with Dr. Kjeldsberg, sent a letter to the College of American Pathologists as part of the response the CAP is coordinating with regard to the immunohistochemical issue. Dr. Michael Borowitz is also busily looking after our concerns.

EAHP/SH Forum Cases on the Webbr A newer addition to web-based hematopathology cases are the "forum cases". It can be found at

The following description is taken from the website:

The purpose of this forum is to circulate haematopathology cases among members of both Societies in order to facilitate the exchange of helpful comments and promote discussion of diagnostic issues that arise. Each member can upload cases and all members will receive e-mail notification inviting them to look at the cases submitted and give their opinion or comments. Non - members are also welcome to submit cases and participate in the discussion. When various comments have been received, the submitter will add his/her final diagnosis and concluding remarks. If a consensus diagnosis is not reached following the online exchange of opinions and comments, an expert in the relevant field will review the case and provide his/her concluding remarks. The case will then remain in the site archive for consultation.

Don't forget the Case of the Quarter is alive and well with new cases being added quarterly (thanks to Dr. K. Chang who takes care of this and to all of the contributors). They are at

Upcoming Meetings

The European Society for Haematopathology 2006 Meeting and EAHP/SH Slide Workshop are scheduled to take place from October 7-12, 2006 in Vienna, Austria at the HILTON 'am Stadtpark' hosted by Dr. Andreas Chott. The major topic for the meeting will be small B-cell proliferations including plasmacytomas. Information will be posted at the meeting website concerning the program, deadlines and submission forms (currently scheduled for mid/late January). Check the EAHP or SH websites for a link. In addition, a printed version of the Preliminary Programme will be sent out to the members of both the SH and EAHP by the end of January. The deadines for the meeting are as follows:

  • for submission of lymphoma workshop cases: March 15

  • for submission of bone marrow workshop cases: May 5

  • for abstracts (lymphoma and bone marrow symposium): May 5

  • for early registration: June 15
SH/ASCP Companion Meeting Drs. Craig, Nelson and Aoun have organized an excellent program for the 2006 meeting of the ASCP in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 18, 2006 entitled "Practical updates in Hematopathology". The topics and speakers are:
  • Practical approaches to the diagnosis of T-cell and NK-cell malignancies D. Jones

  • Gray zone lymphoma: a diagnostic challenge S. Pittaluga

  • Chronic myeloproliferative disorders J. Anastasi
2007 SH/EAHP Slide Workshop By the time you see this newsletter, the deadline will have passed for submission of proposals for our Fall 2007 Slide Workshop. The proposals we received will be presented at our next Executive Committee Meeting in Atlanta and the date, site and topic for this workshop will be announced in the early spring by Roger Warnke, our next President.

Passing the Gavel

Is Chicken Little Correct?
Not at all. The sky is not falling, but this is the last President's newsletter that I'll be writing. I remain grateful that the Society elected me to this position and we can all look forward to having Roger Warnke at our helm. I also want to thank the myriad of individuals who have worked so hard to make our Society a success these past two years. I hope to see many of you in Atlanta at the USCAP.

Best wishes.