The Society for Hematopathology and the European Association for Haematopathology were created in the late -1970's and mid 80's to facilitate discussion and dissemination of information about the dynamic field of h(a)ematopathology. Initially focusing primarily on North American and Western European based hematopathologists respectively, both Society memberships have expanded to include members on all continents, and many hematopathologists belong to both Societies. These shared memberships and interests have led to increased integration of the two societies, including memberships on the Executive Committees of both societies, shared planning of scientific meetings, preferential acceptance of members of one society into another, and a shared website.

SH Membership Information

Please visit the new SH website for information concerning membership and dues payment:


EAHP Membership Information (the European Association)

Hematopathologists and general pathologists with a special interest in hematopathology as well as researchers active in the field of hematology/hematopathology are invited to join the EAHP as a member, thereby supporting the EAHP in organizing scientific and diagnostic symposia and workshops as well as educational meetings in developing counties.

Members benifit from special reduced registration fees to the 2-yearly meetings of the EAHP.
For 2019 the membership fees are set up to € 75,- per year and can be paid on line with all major credit cards.
The membership application forms can be downloaded: ​EAHP membership application form.

Alternatively information or questions can be mailed to the EAHP secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We are looking forward to your application.